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We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants


In 1990, under the leadership of then President Paulo V.C. Costa, RI launched ‘Preserve Planet Earth.’  Its purpose was to encourage 1,000 Rotary clubs to organize 1,000 environmental-awareness events that would provide 1,000 solutions to existing ecological concerns affecting their communities.

The Sustainability Trust (United Kingdom) has been working on environmental issues within Rotary for over eight years.  Kudos to them for their successes and many thanks to Peter Sephton and Peter Moralee for partnering with ESRAG.

ESRAG Update

Twenty-five years after “Preserve Planet Earth’…the ESRAG team (15 Executive Officers from 7 countries) submitted ESRAG’s Application for Recognition in August.  RAG applications require at least 25 prospective members from 5 countries.  We are happy to report that the ESRAG application included 600 prospective members from 55 countries and that close to 100 additional prospective members have joined since August!

    ESRAG’s purpose:  Proactively assist Rotarians in planning, implementing and evaluating service projects, building awareness, and inspiring action  toward environmental sustainability.

The Rotary International Board of Directors is considering our application at their meeting this week and we are anticipating good news on October 23 when we learn the Board’s decision.

Party!  (er… we mean fellowship) will be Wednesday, October 28, after work on the west side – stay tuned where & time.

RI Convention – Seoul, South Korea:  ESRAG Breakout Session?
We hope you are planning on attending the 2016 RI Convention in Seoul South Korea and are happy to report that the Co-chair of the Seoul Convention invited ESRAG to apply to present at a breakout session.  An ESRAG Team has submitted our proposal.  We’ll learn in November if our proposal was accepted.

Let’s Grow!
“RAG Membership is open to Rotarians, their family members as well as participants and alumni of all Rotary and Foundation programs.”  (includes Rotaractors of course)  The more members, the more ‘horsepower’ to make a difference.  By Saturday, October 31, please work to have two or more people join ESRAG HERE – takes less than 1 minute.  When everyone does, we’ll have over 2,000 members…


  • Mary Beth Growney Selene (USA), 2013-2015 RI Board of Directors – wisdom, drive and sharing.
  • Christopher Puttock (USA) for volunteering to be ESRAG Executive Director – buckle in Chris!
  • Gordon Crann (Canada) and the District 7070 Environment Committee for joining forces toward our common goal.

In service,
Paul and Karen
Going Green Co-chairs