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June 23 Scholar Mentor Picnic Highlights

submitted by Linda Baldwin; photos by Donna Beestman & Jim Christensen

Group Photo 2019 Revised

Our annual Rotary Scholar Mentor Picnic was held on Sunday, June 23, at the home of Nancy and Ed Young.  Moving from one side of Lake Monona to the other, Nancy and Ed treated scholars and their mentors to a terrific afternoon in the Community Room at Nolan Shores condos.

Picnic 8  Picnic 11

Our club has a terrific group of scholars, and I had the opportunity to talk with a few. One, Lisa Xiong, a 2016 Levy Family Scholar from East High School, a senior studying biomedical engineering, had been to four picnics, loved catching up with other mentees and enjoyed meeting new ones.

Picnic 6 picnic-4.jpg  Picnic 2

Cassidy Ferguson, a 2018 Brandenburg Scholar from La Follette High School, is studying early childhood education at UW Stevens Point.  She loves the smaller school learning experience and we chatted about One City Schools, our Rotary sponsored project.  I encouraged her to visit the school while in Madison this summer.

I also talked with Ahyun Chung, a 2019 McBeath Scholar from Middleton High School, who is studying engineering at UW-Madison.  We talked about climate change with her mentor, Karen Kendrick-Hands.  I left the event uplifted and impressed with these young people and the others I met.  I’m confident that their generation will change the path of history for the better…

picnic-9.jpg picnic-5.jpg

The tacos were terrific and we ate on recyclable plates with recyclable forks. Our thanks to Ed and Nancy Young for hosting our group and thanks to Rotarians who brought food and beverages.

It Was a Picnic and a Pleasure

–submitted by Maria Alvarez-Stroud; photos by Moses Altsech, Dennis Birke and Stan Kitson


What a great event for Rotary Scholars and Mentors at the home of Nancy and Ed Young on Sunday, July 26.  As hoped for, the crowd included not only new Scholars heading off to various colleges both in Wisconsin and beyond but also past scholars who have continued to be connected to their mentors and to the Downtown Rotary Club.

IMG_0444As intended, the main focus was good conversation and tasty food.  For the Scholars, the picnic gave them the opportunity to get to know each other a bit more and compare notes about their plans for first years at college.  It was terrific to see multiple groups just chatting away, sometimes amongst themselves other times with their mentors at their side.  And for the Mentors, especially those that are new at this, what a great time to hear and see the kind of bonds that can be created.

IMG_0433  IMG_0431  IMG_0355

With well over 90 in attendance, kitchen committee members had their work cut out for them.  But Mentors did a good job in providing snacks, salads and desserts to compliment the hamburgers and brats provided.

20150726_151621  IMG_4930  IMG_4928

Dick Pearson and Ed Young were of course busy providing boat rides around Lake Monona.  And a couple of us were fortunate enough to actually arrive and leave by Dick’s boat; highly recommended, as he is a fabulous tour guide.

IMG_0424   20150726_150300

Thanks much to Nancy and Ed for letting such a large group of people take over their back yard and for their gracious hospitability.