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Highlights from Scotch Whisky/Lew Harned Society Event at Overture Center December 15

–submitted by Wayne Glowac; photos by Gayle Langer

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”


From left: Regina Millner, Lew Harned and Brian Fick

Overture Center hosted the most recent Scotch Whisky/Lew Harned Society Fellowship Group on December 15.  Rotarians enjoyed the delightful company of each other while sampling exquisite Scotch Whisky selected by Ted DeDee.

IMG_0324  IMG_0323  IMG_0322

Photo 1: Ken & Ginny Yuska; Photo 2: Dan Dieck, Herman Baumann, Brian Koch & Brian Basken; Photo 3: Jim Ruhly & Regina Millner




Scotch Whiskey Lew Harned Society Event January 13

–submitted by Noel Pearson; photos by Noel Pearson and Ken Yuska

Rotary Scotch Jan 13 2014 014

Ken and Ginny Yuska hosted the most recent Scotch Whisky Lew Harned Society gathering in their home on January 13.

Rotary Scotch Jan 13 2014 009It was a very special evening.  Noel Pearson presented to Lew Harned,  (pictured at right) an Army fleece blanket that the UW and Edgewood Rotaract students made for him at their Holiday party in December at the home of Dick and Noel Pearson.  Lew was humbled and pleased by the act of kindness and plans to attend the next Rotaract meeting to personally thank the students.

Rotary Scotch Jan 13 2014 012  Rotary Scotch Jan 13 2014 006  Rotary Scotch Jan 13 2014 011

Photo 1: from left, Dewey Bredeson, Sandy Maier, Dan Dieck, Ellis Waller; Photo 2: from left Peggy Lescrenier,Ginny Yuska, Kay Schwichtenberg and Herman Baumann; Photo 3: from left, Herman Baumann, Ken Yuska and Mark Cantrell

Highlights From Scotch Whisky Event December 9

Rotary Scotch  Dec 9 2013 007

Pictured above from left: Dick Pearson, Kay Schwichtenberg, Herman Baumann & Steve Holzhauer

Over 40 Rotarians and guests enjoyed the hospitality of Dick & Noel Pearson who hosted the latest Scotch Whisky Lew Harned Society event on Monday, December 9.  If you would like to be added to this fellowship group, contact the Rotary office, and you will be sure to receive upcoming invitations.  The group meets on the second Monday of each month.

Rotary Scotch  Dec 9 2013 005  Rotary Scotch  Dec 9 2013 006  Rotary Scotch  Dec 9 2013 002

Photo 1: Peggy Lescrenier and Ted DeDee; Photo 2: Steve Musser, Dewey Bredeson & Sandy Maier; Photo 3: Dan Dieck, Nona Hage, Inez Brenner, Michael Brenner & Steve Holzhauer

Madison Downtown Rotary Club – One Club Fits All

IMG_0072–submitted by Ellis Waller, Chair of Lew Harned Society Fellowship Group

At the most recent Lew Harned Society Event, I was talking with Joy Rice about the many good things the Downtown Madison Rotary Club offers. We both agreed that the luncheon programs were superb, week after week. Upon giving further thought about why Rotary appeals to me it occurred to me that the Downtown Madison Rotary is an all-encompassing organization that provides a wide variety of opportunities for service, education, fellowship and leadership, all within one organization.

First, there are the luncheon programs that combine a balanced dose of food, information, programs and fellowship. Second, there are opportunities for leadership or just participation in any of the many committees and fellowship groups. Third, but not least, there are many opportunities for service. These range from simply writing a check, volunteering on a committee, or for an event like the Ethics Symposium, Triquest, or an international project.

Rotary members can pick and choose those activities that appeal to them.  If one’s career limits free time, then one can opt to attend the Wednesday luncheons until time is available for additional areas of service. Very little is required of our members and one’s involvement can be adjusted accordingly. There is no need to be a member of multiple organizations, as it can all take place within Rotary.

Recent Rotary Fellowship Group Events

Rotary Wine Fellowship Group Event on August 16, 2012
–submittted by Ellie Schatz; photos by Dori Hosek

Keeping 15 wine tasters listening and in a semblance of order can be a daunting task. So on Thursday evening, August 16, host and fellowship group leader Mike Wilson displayed his greenstone, a form of jade found in the South Island of New Zealand. Used by the Maoris as a weapon and considered more valuable than gold, our group was duly impressed with his trinket, but not given to voting any wine the best of the evening unless it truly passed an individual test for color, aroma, body, bouquet, finish, etc.

From left: Steve Landry, Robyn Kitson, Becky Steinhoff, Mike Wilson & Steve Mixtacki

Peggy Lescrenier & Robyn Kitson

After tasting 9 of the 12 wines featured, Mike called for a vote. With a few abstentions, a zinfindel from central California won by a 7:4 vote. This gave reason for Peggy Lescrenier and Robyn Kitson to raise their glasses in celebration of their fine wine-tasting judgment.

(Pictured above from left: Patty Wilson, Peggy Lescrenier, Steve & Meryl Mixtacki, and Keith & Juli Baumgartner)

Steve Mixtacki surprised us all with an unusual finisher: a red-wine gelato. Chocolaterie Stam, a shop on Deming Way in Middleton, makes gelato out of just about anything your heart desires. Here’s to Steve’s blend of Bordeaux with ice cream. I know where I’m getting the dessert for my next dinner party!

Rotary Bicycling Fellowship Outing on August 18, 2012
–submitted by Jeff Tews

We had a delightful Saturday morning for a Bike Fellowship ride around West Madison. In attendance (above), from left, Cindy Waldbillig, John Faust, Ted Waldbillig, Sue Faust, Susan Prest, Karen Ostrov, Michael Ostrov, Jeff Tews, Allen Sherwood. Picture taken by Susan Rather.

Rotary Scotch Whisky Fellowship Event on August 20, 2012
–photos submitted by Noel Pearson
The event was hosted by Lew Harned at his home on Lake Mendota.

From left: Dan Dieck, Melanie Ramey, Lew Harned and Mike Wenzel

Rotary Fellowship Groups – Great Opportunities to Make Connections

Our Rotary Club has over 20 fellowship groups to help members make connections with others that have like interests.  At the March 21 Rotary luncheon, members present received fellowship and committee sign-up forms for the 2012-13 Rotary year.  Members not present will be receiving one via email soon.  Be sure to fill out your forms and return them to the Rotary office as your current assignments end June 30.

Below are photos of some recent fellowship group activities.  Other fellowship groups are encouraged to submit photos to the Rotary office for future blog postings.

Fly Fishing Group at On the Creek

Fish Stories Told Here…Some True! 

The fly fishing fellowship enjoyed its best turn out ever with eleven members attending our “ice breaker” meeting on March 8. Todd Opsal and Nick Volk of On the Creek Fly Shop in Cross Plains led an informative discussion on fly fishing. The meeting covered everything from equipment to basic stream side insect life. Wine, cheese and crackers complemented the presentation on fly fishing and most importantly the good fellowship enjoyed by all. Our next meeting is scheduled for 7:00pm on April 12 at On the Creek Fly Shop in Cross Plains. There is a good chance that we will do a road trip to sample some of the trout fishing in southwestern Wisconsin on April 6. We hope to firm up dates for future outings at our next meeting.  Proposed ideas include the ever popular Black Earth Creek, Gordon Creek and a late May trip to Lake Waubesa for Blue Gills followed by a Canadian style shore dinner. 

Submitted by Dana Corbett, Chair of Fly Fishing Fellowship Group

Gayle Langer & Curt Brink

Scotch Whisky Fellowship Group Event

On Monday, March 12, Gayle Langer and Melanie Ramey co-hosted the March Lew Harned Society’s Fellowship event at Gayle’s Cherokee home. Pictured above are Gayle and Curt Brink.  Gayle and Melanie put together a fine selection of scotch and complimented it with some quality cheese and some wonderful shrimp.  Fellowship Chair Ellis Waller gathered feedback from the attendees on what type of community project the group would like to participate in as part of our club’s Centennial Celebration.

–Submitted by Mike Wenzel, member of Scotch Whisky Fellowship Group

Members and guests of the Wine Fellowship Group enjoyed the hospitality of Steve and Meryl Mixtacki on February 12. Pictured here from left: Mike Wenzel, Dick Pearson, Noel Pearson, Todd Perkins, Tracy Perkins and Pat Wilson.

Our Notable Books Fellowship Group meets at Takara Restaurant in Whitney Square. Pictured from left: Ruth Ann Schoer, Darrell Behnke, Rich Leffler, Joan Leffler, Frank Stein and Roberta Stadky.

The Bridge Fellowship Group meets at various homes of its members on a monthly basis. Pictured above from left: Mary Helen Becker, Lori Kay and Jim Ebben.

Congratulations to Rotary Bowling Team I which is currently in first place in this year’s Madison Civic League.  Main bowlers for Rotary I this year are Gerry Thain (pictured at right), Doug Gerhart & George Keehn (pictured at left) with help this season from Dick Goldberg and Mike Engelberger.

Rotary Madison Fellowships | Scotch Whiskey, Wellness, Bridge

Scotch Whiskey/Lew Harned Society – October 17

Submitted by Ellis Waller, Chair.
The October meeting of the Lew Harned Society took place at Ellis and Katie

Katie & Ellis Waller

Waller’s home in Maple Bluff. About twenty members assembled to taste a variety of single malt Scotch Whiskies. Included in the assortment was a bottle of “Whisky” made in India. Members thought that while it tasted like Scotch Whisky it was certainly not in keeping with the Society’s charter to sample single malt Scotch Whisky.

John Bonsett-Veal

Next month’s meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 14th at the home of Moses Altsech. Those who signed up for this fellowship group receive an email reminder before each meeting, however all Rotary members are invited to attend any of the Society’s events. Please remember to contact the host so that he or she can arrange for proper amounts of food and beverages.

Gary Peterson, Susan Schmitz, & Melanie Ramey

Wellness/Healing Fellowship – October 12, Waisman Center

Submitted by Rob Stroud, Member.
During the evening of October 12, the Wellness Fellowship was treated to a fascinating tour of the Waisman Center and the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds. Eight of us, joined by four Edgewood College Rotaractors, met with the lab manager and his team of experts, all of whom were young, energetic, enthusiastic researchers.

Waisman Center

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, the Waisman Center is largely a center for brain research.  We learned about EEG’s, MRI’s and PET scans and how each of them measures different brain functions in different ways. We saw how Ansel makes radioactive isotopes for PET scans and how Steve uses magnetic imaging to record the brain’s response to pain. We saw how EEG technology has been made easier to use and easier to interpret results. We heard about the Center’s studies on the brains of Tibetan monks during meditation.  Then, to cap off the evening, the executive director of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds told us about their work in investigating and teaching mind awareness. Her presentation showed us some of the ways that the research results are being applied to real life problems.

Our thanks go to our fellowship chair, Frank Stein, and to the wonderful people at the Waisman Center for an informative evening.

Bridge Fellowship – October 11, nancy young,  host

Submitted by Mary Helen Becker.
The bridge fellowship has met for more than a decade and welcomes new

Mary Helen Becker & Paul Madsen, seated; L-R, Front: Lori Kay, Sally Phelps, Lynn Phelps, Jon Udell, Susan Udell, Mary Hamre, Jim Hamre, Jim Ebben & Nancy Young. Back: Brooks Becker, Dick Rieselbach, Arlan Kay, Jed Engeler & Mike Lovejoy.

members. We meet in members’ homes most of the time, but occasionally gather at a local club for dinner and bridge. Members get to know each other better and strengthen friendships.

L-R, Foreground: Brooks Becker, Jim Hamre, Sally Phelps & Linda Lovejoy; Background: Arlan Kay, Lori Kay, Dick Rieselbach & Nina Rieselbach

We meet on the second Tuesday of the month, but have recently tried to hold an occasional game on a Thursday to accommodate players who are not available on the second Tuesday. For more information, contact the Rotary office or Mary Helen Becker.

The Rotary Club of Madison has 500 members from business, academia, healthcare and public and community service.  It is one of the ten largest Rotary International clubs in the world and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2013.  Rotary International is a service club with local and global reach.  It’s 34,000 clubs in over 200 countries have 1.2 million members who meet weekly to develop friendships, learn, and work together to address important humanitarian needs. 

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