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Dora Zuniga Receives 2016 Mitch Javid Award


From left: TJ Blitz, Dora Zuniga and Mitch Javid

–Introduction made by TJ Blitz on October 5, 2016

The Member Development Committee has the important responsibility of sustaining and building the membership of the Rotary Club of Madison and encouraging and facilitating a lasting relationship between the Club and its members.

The committee’s goals are to:

  • Continue to strive to keep members engaged and participating to increase retention;
  • Maintain a process of consistent and effective communications tools for members to use when talking with potential new members;
  • and Continue a positive and welcoming experience for new members in their critical first years.

In 2014, the committee developed a new award to recognize a member who is sponsoring new members into our club since this is essential to the future of our club.  The award is named the Mitch Javid Award to honor a distinguished member, and it annually recognizes the member who has served as the primary sponsor to the most new members during the past 3 years.

For those who do not know Mitch Javid, Mitch has been in our club for 48 years and has sponsored 56 members and co-sponsored another 10 members.  This distinguished and very busy member who was chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery says, “I love Rotary.  It is very dear to me. I believe in it and so I want to share it with other good people.”  Mitch received the first award in 2014, and Rob Stroud received it in 2015.

I am pleased to announce that the 2016 recipient is Dora Zuniga who has served as the primary sponsor to 6 new members since July of 2013. Those new members are:  Nick Curran, Mark Fraire, Jorge Hidalgo, Sandy Morales, Tammy Thayer and Alex Ysquierdo.

Dora joined our Rotary Club in 1994 and recently became the new director of development for Wisconsin Public Radio.  She has served on our club board of directors and is a current Madison Rotary Foundation trustee.  She is also current chair of our new member Orientation Committee and continues to be active on a number of other Rotary committees.  Dora is a great connector, and we congratulate her on receiving the 2016 Mitch Javid Award.

Thank you, Dora, and thanks to all members who are sharing the opportunities available through Rotary with others.

Donna Beestman Receives Rotary Club of Madison Club Service Award

Introduced by Deb Archer on November 25, 2015; photo by Loretta Himmelsbach

Beestman AwardOur Rotary Board recognizes up to six members each year for their exemplary service in one Rotary’s Five Avenues of Service which are club, community, international, new generations and vocational.  During our November 25 Rotary luncheon, Donna Beestman (pictured here with Club President Ellsworth Brown) was recognized with our Rotary Club of Madison Club Service Award.

Donna joined our Rotary Club in 2002, and she was previously a member of the Wilmington, Delaware Rotary Club.  She is owner and president of Career Success Strategies, LLC.

During her 13 years in our Rotary Club, Donna has been very active.  She is a leader and has served on the Ethics Symposium, Scholar Mentor, Vocational Opportunities, Button Box, Photography and Member Development Committees. She is current chair of our Orientation Committee, and she is a member of several of our fellowship groups.  In addition, Donna is a current board member and was previously on our board from 2005-2007.

Because of volunteers like Donna, our club continues to thrive, and we thank her for her continuing service.

President Ellsworth presented Donna with a certificate and a special pin in recognition of this award, and our club has also made a $200 gift in her name to The Foundation of Rotary International to help fund its many worthy projects and programs.

Congratulations, Donna!

Dawn Crim Receives Rotary Club of Madison Community Service Award

Presented by Carol Toussaint on November 18, 2015; photo by Loretta Himmeslbach

Crim AwardA

From left: Carol Toussaint, Dawn Crim & Club President Ellsworth Brown

I am here as a member of our Club’s Member Recognition Committee.  This is a committee established by our board to annually make recommendations to recognize members for their efforts on behalf of our Rotary Club.  The recognition is in one Rotary’s Five Avenues of Service which are club, community, international, new generations and vocational.

The board receives the recommendations and presents the award.  My job today is to introduce a member who is receiving a community service award on behalf of our Rotary Club.  Dawn Crim.

Dawn is an Associate Dean for External Relations for the UW School of Education.  She is a well organized and busy, busy person.  In addition to her role at the UW, Dawn is involved in many projects and organizations within our community.  In addition to her professional work, family and community service activities, Dawn has devoted a great deal of time to Rotary over her eight years of membership.

She joined our Rotary Club in 2007 and immediately got involved in committees.  Dawn has worked with the Rotaract Club on the UW campus.  She serves as a mentor to one of our Rotary scholars and has served on our Program Advisory Committee.  In addition, Dawn has for six years been an active member on our club’s Community Grants Committee. This is not a small commitment.  She has interviewed grant applicants and attended numerous meetings with other Community Grants Committee members as they develop recommendations for the funding projects each year.  You’ll also have seen newsletter photos of Dawn as part of our Hiking/Skiing Fellowship Group.  Dawn finds time for Rotary and for her continuing dedication to our Rotary Club, we are awarding our 2015 Rotary Club of Madison Community Service Award to Dawn Crim.

The Club has made a $200 gift in her name to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, and President Ellsworth presented Dawn with a special certificate and a pin to recognize the community service award.

Congratulations, Dawn.