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Rotary Dinner & Discussion Group Met on December 18

–submitted by Mark Moody

From left: Denny Carey, Carol Koby, Candace Moody, Sally Davis, Jim Davis and Shirley Baum

From left: Denny Carey, Carol Koby, Candace Moody, Sally Davis, Jim Davis and Shirley Baum

The dinner and discussion fellowship group met on December 18 at the home of Denny Carey and Carol Koby. Denny and Carol have been hosting this group for a number of months. The discussion is always lively and engaging. Attending on December 18th were Mark and Candace Moody, Jim and Sally Davis, Shirley Baum and Mike Casey.

Our initial discussion,  before dinner, focused on hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and natural gas. This topic came up because the state of New York had recently issued a ban on hydraulic fracturing. Jim Davis served as the state geologist for the states of New York and California for a number of years and told us about the history of hydraulic fracturing, how the process works to extract oil and gas as well as about the environmental risks it poses.  Jim patiently and expertly answered our many questions on this topic.

During and after dinner we discussed the change in diplomatic relations with Cuba which president Obama had just announced the day before. We also discussed the history of the embargo.  From there the topic move to something we all are deeply concerned about; the deeply rooted problem of racial disparities, institutional racism and the de facto segregation in our community.

Denny and Carol were gracious hosts as always. The discussion was open and respectful and engaging as it always is.

Big Wheels Bicyclists Meet with Dinner & Discussion Group October 26

–submitted by Joan Collins; photos by  Pete Christianson & Teri Venker

Goodman Event Oct 26 2014 7

(Pictured above from left: Jason Beren, Dawn Crim, Ed Van Gemert, Joan Collins, Becky Steinhoff, Teri Venker & Terry Jacobson)

Ever been to McCarthy Reserve? Even know where it is?

SPOKESwoman Becky Steinhoff who led the Big Wheels Bicycling Fellowship fall bike outing on Sunday, October 26, took us there during a hilly trip through the fall colors.  Our bike wheels met the pavement in Madison, Monona, Cottage Grove and the Town of Burke before we headed back to our stating point, The Goodman Center, where we doubled our numbers for food and conversation.

Goodman Event Oct 26 2014 6  Goodman Event Oct 26 2014 2  Goodman Event Oct 26 2014 5

(Photo 1: from left: Joan Collins, Ed Van Gemert, Becky Steinhoff, Jason Beren, Dawn Crim & Teri Venker; Photo 2: from left: Joan Collins, Bill Waldbillig, Sandra Christensen & Jim Christensen; Photo 3: Pete Christianson)

From left: Jason Beren, Jim Christensen, Dawn Crim & Roger Phelps

From left: Jason Beren, Jim Christensen, Dawn Crim & Roger Phelps

Besides the bright colors on a sunny and no-wind day, we saw Halloween decorations in one neighborhood sure to win prizes in a decorate your yard contest, as well as farm fields and peaks of Lake Monona.

Back at the Goodman Center, Becky hosted us with her fabulous lasagna (both meat and veggie) and wine, with the rest of us adding to the potluck mid-day dinner.

What’s next? Talk of a cross country ski fellowship as bicyclists switch gears for winter.

Madison Rotary — Dinner & Discussion Group

Do you Like to Eat? Do you Like Stimulating Conversation?

If you answered “yes” to these two questions, you might enjoy the Dinner and Discussion Fellowship Group.  The group held its first meeting of the year on September 22 at Bonfyre.  Eight eager Rotarians (pictured below) joined in a spirited discussion and dined on fine food.

Back (L-R): Deb Raupp, Jacqui Sakowski, Jim Ruhly, Carol Koby, Karen Christianson & Bill Muehl. Front (L-R): Robyn Kitson & Denny Carey

The group discussed the purpose of the fellowship and decided that we prefer a low-key, open-ended discussion rather than a rigid agenda.  We would like to have a casual night out with food and conversation. We plan to discuss philosophy-behind-the-news rather than current events.  We’re committed to listening to each other’s viewpoints and learning from each other, regardless of beliefs or opinions.  We invite all perspectives and beliefs to deepen the conversation.

The next meeting is planned for Monday, October 10, at 6:00pm at Great Dane-Hilldale.  Please join us! If you enjoy food and conversation, this group is right up your alley!

Contact the Rotary office at or 255-9164 to sign up and to receive invitations to attend the Dinner and Discussion Fellowship Group meetings.

Thanks to Deb Raupp for this post.
The Rotary Club of Madison has 500 members from business, academia, healthcare and public and community service.  It is one of the ten largest Rotary International clubs in the world and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2013.  Rotary International is a service club with local and global reach.  It’s 34,000 clubs in over 200 countries have 1.2 million members who meet weekly to develop friendships, learn, and work together to address important humanitarian needs. 

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