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Photos from Year End Rotary Board Mtg on June 2

Rotary Board Members Gather on June 2 at Food Concepts

Rotary Board Members Gather on June 2 at Food Concepts

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Pictured above: Photo 1: Dick Pearson and Carrie Wall; Photo 2: Terry Heinrichs, Wes Sparkman, Carol Koby and Dick Lovell; Photo 3: Donna Beestman, George Beestman and Ellsworth Brown

President Renee Moe makes her "good-bye" remarks as Club President

President Renee Moe makes her “good-bye” remarks as Club President

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Pictured above: Photo 1: Cheryl DeMars, Lew Harned and Renee Moe; Photo 2: Cindy Waldbillig, Ted Waldbillig, Frank Byrne and Peter Cavi; Photo 3: John Bonsett-Veal, Michelle McGrath, Jan Bonsett-Veal, Dora Zuniga, Denny Carey and Ariana Silva

Kitchen Committee Members: Dave Johnson, Mike Hoesly, Kevin Hoffman, Jim Ruhly, Karl Wellensiek, Gary Peterson, Susan Schmitz and Lew Harned

Kitchen Committee Members: Dave Johnson, Mike Hoesly, Kevin Hoffman, Jim Ruhly, Karl Wellensiek, Gary Peterson, Susan Schmitz and Lew Harned


Celebrating 100 Years: A Look Back in Our Club’s History: Happy Birthday to Us!

Rotary Club of Madison-Centennial LogoAs we celebrate our 100th anniversary, our History Sub-Committee is taking a look back in our club’s rich history and is sharing highlights from the past century.  This week’s message is shared by committee member Rich Leffler:

Founders Photo

From left: John McKenna, C.R. (Rex) Welton, Art Schulkamp and Bob Nickles

These days 100 years ago were momentous for the Rotary Club of Madison. As you all know, the first meeting to discuss the possibility of forming a Rotary Club here was held on March 13, when Bob Nickles invited three fellow businessmen to have lunch at the Elk’s Club. In addition to Nickles, those in attendance were John C. McKenna, Art Schulkamp and C. R. (Rex) Welton.

On March 20, ten men met and probably discussed a letter and some Rotary literature that Nickles had received from Chesley Perry, secretary of the International Association of Rotary Clubs in Chicago, that explained what Rotary was all about. The group apparently was interested, and they decided to form a “temporary organization,” anticipating that they would affiliate with the IARC. They also elected McKenna as “acting chairman” and Welton as “acting secretary.”

On April 3, nineteen members of the Rotary Club of Madison met at the old Madison Club, adopted a constitution and bylaws, and voted unanimously to affiliate with the IARC. They then elected their first officers, including as president, John C. McKenna, who appointed a membership committee to recruit appropriate people for the Club. Perry had sent Nickles some suggestions on how to recruit members. He advised that forty or fifty business leaders of different lines, many already known to Club members, should be called upon and that it should be explained to them that the Club was “something new and unique which would be a benefit to the city and to them as individuals.” He advised, “Make sure that those who join with you have caught the spirit of Rotary and exclude those who see in the Rotary club naught but possible commercial advantages for themselves.” He also invoked the concept that “He profits most who serves best.”

Typically for this Club, although the Club had voted unanimously on April 3 to affiliate with the IARC, there seems to have been some ambivalence about a relationship with the greater Rotary organization. Welton told Perry of these doubts: “Many of the members, in fact most of them, have somewhat hazy ideas of what the Rotary Clubs are really doing and of the lines along which they are working.” Perry would have liked to have sent more explanatory literature to the Madison club, but he explained that “As the whole Rotary movement is in a process of evolution–not only as to its philosophy but as to its literature, we are not able to send out just the printed matter we should like you to have.” Instead, Perry appeared personally before the Club on April 17. Finally, on May 16, the Rotary Club of Madison formally applied for affiliation.

Charter Pic

On June 10, Perry wrote to the Madison club that “We are pleased to advise you that your application for membership in the International Association has met with the approval of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors by whose vote [on June 2, 1913] the Rotary Club of Madison has been made an affiliating Rotary Club.”  Perry enclosed with the letter The Charter, making Madison, with thirty-three members, the seventy-first Rotary Club in the world.

A Fine Year – Farewell from President Paul Riehemann

It’s been a remarkable year with many significant accomplishments.  Thank you for your commitment to our local and global community through Rotary.

Here are two year-end summaries:  1)  the Powerpoint  from the June 27 meeting (lots of photos) and 2) a  One-Pager with all the information.

Kudos to the Roast Committee – I’m ‘grateful’ to have survived!

In Service, Paul

Rotary Club of Madison Board’s Year-End Party

   On Monday, June 4, it was picture-perfect weather for the Rotary Club of Madison Board of Directors year-end party held at the home of Karl and Mary Janet Wellensiek

For this last board meeting of the Rotary year, spouses/significant others were also invited, and there were 45 people in attendance.  The board meeting was shortened for this month to give members and guests an opportunity to enjoy some fellowship time together.

   President Paul Riehemann gave special thanks to outgoing board members Juli Aulik, Ted Ballweg, Bryan Chan, Jim Christensen, Neil Fauerbach, Patty Franson, and Larry Zanoni as well as outgoing Sgt.-at-Arms Tim Stadelman. Thanks to these members for their service to Rotary!


 Our Kitchen Committee served a picnic style meal with all the fixin’s in the beautiful backyard of the Wellensiek’s.  A good time was had by all!

   We extend our thanks to Karl and Mary Janet for hosting the group, to Kevin Hoffman and A to Z Rentall for supplying the tables and chairs, and to the Kitchen Committee for preparing another terrific meal.

Season’s Greetings – Rotary Club of Madison

Enjoy this video short!  Thanks go to Neil Fauerbach for interviewing members and filming (he accepted and was off with the camera rolling about 1- 1/2 seconds after being asked), Rob Stroud for letting us put some wear and tear on his camera, Paul Ranola of Requisite Video for putting it together, and Lew Harned for…….. just being Lew.

Happy Holidays from the Board of Directors and Kitchen Committee!

The Rotary Club of Madison has 500 members from business, academia, healthcare and public and community service.  It is one of the ten largest Rotary International clubs in the world and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2013.  Rotary International is a service club with local and global reach.  It’s 34,000 clubs in over 200 countries have 1.2 million members who meet weekly to develop friendships, learn, and work together to address important humanitarian needs. 

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