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June 29: Changing of the Guard – the June 29th Rotary Meeting Looked Back on a Year of Accomplishments and an Optimistic Future

–submitted by Sharyn Alden

“I’ll see you on the other side of ‘Service Beyond Self.”  Those parting words by out-going Rotary president, Teresa Holmes, met with a standing ovation during a tribute to her role in leading the Rotary Club of Madison this past year.

   She pointed out her passion for Rotary became more deeply rooted after she attended the Rotary International Conference a few years ago. “It helped me grow as a Rotarian, especially when I looked around and saw all the great things Rotarians accomplish, not only in our club, but beyond,” she said.

   She was good-naturedly ‘roasted’ with a video of “Bloopers.” It showcased her effervescent spark of enthusiasm for her commitment to Rotary and her sometimes cadre of mispronounced words –i.e. -‘Rodeo Club,’ which brought a round of laughter from the audience as well as from Holmes.

   With the ‘Changing of the Guard,’ Paul Hoffmann transitioned from being president-elect to becoming the 2022-2023 president of the Rotary Club of Madison. He spoke about the many highlights that have helped the club connect, grow and serve over the last year, and his looking forward to the upcoming year as president.

   One area summarized in the “Year in Review” portion of the program highlighted a show of community support in terms of funding. The club provided $755,253 for a wide variety of community projects. Additionally, the Community Grants Campaign raised $155,556 to support local projects, and the Rotary International Campaign raised $53,458.

   Congratulations to Paul Hoffmann in his new position as president of the Rotary Club of Madison!

If you missed our meeting this week, you can watch it here:

Wrapping Up Our Rotary Year – Virtually!

submitted by Ellsworth Brown

Thump5Well!  This was quite a meeting.

It was more of an elegant hand-off than the usual changing of the guard from President Andrea Kaminski to new President Jorge Hidalgo, featuring inspiring reports of accomplishments well-earned by the Club and well-directed by President Andrea.

But first . . . this recap only suggests the substance of the meeting, which was recorded and is available at

President Andrea began with an uplifting recital of six new members and their credentials:  LaVar Charleston, U. W. Madison; Sara Eskrich, Democracy Found; Amy Griffin, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art; Rob Roquitte, eCIO, Inc; and Angela Trevino, UW Health and Clinics.  It was especially nice to see the swelling stream of welcoming messages in the presentation’s adjacent comments box.

The second opening order of business was the presentation our Rotary Club’s International Service Award—pin and plaque—to Joyce Bromley for her engagement in international service projects of the club.  Congratulations, Joyce!

In her formal closing remarks, President Andrea recognized the continuing tech work of Brian Basken and Jason Beren, who silently present what we view each week.  She also listed a series of personal take-aways from her presidential year, among them “hit the bell at the bottom, not the top, to make it ring,” how to compromise on matters of music and program Q&A, how to master tech from home, and especially how much her presidential experience has given her joy and broad connections.

Many were thanked, reinforcing her primary revelation that willing help was always available.  Please read President Andrea’s remarks for a list of key people for the past year.

Also read Jorge’s remarks, which were constructive, thoughtful and clear.  They were preceded, direct from Florida, by unexpected comments and congratulations to the club’s first Latino President by former member Dora Zuniga, who asked Jorge to join the club six years ago.

President Jorge (sounds great, doesn’t it, Jorge?) introduced himself—born in the Dominican Republic, a West Point economics graduate who served in the Army for eleven years, a resident of New York City and now the well-known owner of an award-winning Honda Dealership.  Only President Jorge could make this list of achievements sound humble!  He pledged to try new things, further the consideration of large questions before us all now, ensure a wide variety of programs, and move through the coming year on the platform of respect for the individual.  This platform is linked to Jorge’s assertion that in addition to club members’ immediate work, we bring a vast array of additional experiences, knowledge and achievement that should also be shared.

Other reports included Mary Thompson’s PowerPoint presentation of our very important membership satisfaction survey; and Bog Sorge’s presentation of the membership development committee, which has introduced several new ideas and a comprehensive concept of how to gain new members from a position of strength (great video, Paul Ranola, who created the video, and you can view it at the same link above.

Of course, the meeting included the usual array of past presidents, pin presentations, and a very nice gift certificate to Andrea (sorry, no longer president . . . but “didn’t I see you on the Internet?”) for the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art store.

Oh, and Melanie Ramey spoke about things she has learned during the pandemic . . . NOW will you connect to the link above?

Well done, Andrea and Jorge!

Our thanks to past president Ellsworth Brown for preparing this review article and if you missed our meeting this week, you can watch the video here:

The Roast of Tim

–submitted by Stan Inhorn; photos by Pete Christianson

Special guests from left: Fellow Rotarian and high school classmate Dan Olson, Rick Stadelman (Tim’s brother), Arlene Stadelman (Tim’s mom), Lori Stadelman (Tim’s wife), Ross Stadelman and Justin Stadelman (Tim’s sons).

Special guests from left: Fellow Rotarian and high school classmate Dan Olson, Rick Stadelman (Tim’s brother), Arlene Stadelman (Tim’s mom), Lori Stadelman (Tim’s wife), Ross Stadelman and Justin Stadelman (Tim’s sons).

The annual passing of the gavel turned out to be a rather poignant affair. Starting with the welcoming into the Past President’s club, to the thanks that went to all who guided Tim in his memorable year, there were tears and applauses galore. Tim passed out a year-end summary, which included a list of large-scale impact projects in which great progress was made.

DSC_0008   Tim S Photo2  DSC_0036

Photo 1: President Tim prepares to deliver his “Swan Song”; Photo 2: Tim places the President’s pin on Ellsworth Brown; Photo 3: Renee Moe places the Past President’s pin on Tim 

The roast, co-chaired by Lee Schwartz and Mark Fraire, started with a Jump Around that had all the Rotarians on their feet in recognition of Tim’s strong Wisconsin roots. Then there was recognition of Tim’s most significant attributes, starting with his hair or lack thereof. His penchant to cry when moved emotionally was seen, not as a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength, love, caring and sexiness. His college exploits at Whitewater in baseball and table tennis were extolled.

DSC_0006  Tim S Photo3  DSC_0040

Photo 1: From left: Michelle McGrath, Paul Riehemann, Wes Sparkman, Renee Moe, Ellsworth Brown and Tim Stadelman sitting at the head table; Photo 2: Mark Fraire gets everyone to “Jump Around”; Photo 3: The head table “Jumping Around!”

DSC_0059   DSC_0062  Tim S Photo4

WHAT IF…..Photo 1: “Tim” became a world star table tennis player; or Photo 2: “Tim” was a Rock Star interviewed on the red carpet by Tina Fey; instead, Photo 3:  “Tim” complains about his accounting homework at UW-Whitewater

While at Whitewater, Tim had some difficulties with his major in accounting, and had concerns that he might not succeed. So he thought of other possible fields of endeavor. Perhaps he could return to cheese-making. A long shot would be to play in a Rock and Roll band. What if a career in professional table tennis could lead to fame and glory? As he nervously pondered these possibilities, his accounting professor announced that he had passed his final exams. So then he applied for a job at several accounting firms – Enron, Arthur Anderson. Fortunately, they rejected his applications because a savior arose right here in Madison–J. H. Findorff & Son was looking for an individual with Tim’s unique talents. So today, Tim is living the good life in Madison, Wisconsin, with his wonderful wife, Lori, and family. Though he is still a young man, he has already achieved his goal of becoming President of one of the nation’s largest Rotary clubs.


Tears & Laughter: The Changing of the Guard

DSCF2341In relinquishing the gavel, President Renee Moe (’13-’14) cited many of our club’s accomplishments among which were moving up to 5th largest Rotary Club in the world and the Foundation’s Endowment breaking the $10 million amount.  She thanked her parents who were present, her fellow workers at United Way, the Rotary office staff and her family, especially her husband, Jason.  All of this with her usual modesty.  (CLICK HERE to read her thank you to the club.)

President Renee concluded by saying to us what her parents taught her as a little girl, “Thank you for inviting me. I had a wonderful time.”  All of this, of course, accompanied by tears.

DSC_0068Tim Stadelman took the gavel as our new president (’14-‘15) and after gaining control of his tears presented Renee with her past president’s pin.  Then past presidents Wes Sparkman, Juli Aulik and Paul Riehemann moved us to laughter as they presented related benefits of becoming a past president.

DSCF2379  DSCF2392  DSCF2382
(Pictured above from left in Photo 1: Monique Scher, Mike (“Cafe Renee”)  Bress & Bill Haight.  Mike Casey served as chef at Cafe Renee.)

DSCF2370  photo3 6 25 14  DSC_0090

(Photo 1: Charles Tubbs, Sr. & Renee Moe; Photo 2: Renee Moe & Cartoonist Phil Hands; Photo 3: Front row from left: Al Ripp, Stan Kitson, Jason Beren, Barb Wiley and Laura Gallagher; Back row from left: Dan Larson, Kris Ashe and Phil Hands.)

Finally, the new members’ Roast Committee introduced us to “Café Renee” after Chief Charles Tubbs, Sr. served her with a bench warrant for her arrest with the chief complaint being “excessive modesty.” The “Café” motif was that of running on time and using strategic planning.

DSC_0087  DSC_0088  DSC_0089
(Photo 1: Ellsworth Brown & Juli Aulik; Photo 2: Paul Riehemann & Wes Sparkman; Photo 3: Tim Stadelman & Renee Moe)

One of the diners was Jason Salus, Renee’s husband, who shared his view of the past year.  It was so successful the committee concluded that he would be invited back for President Tim’s Roast.

DSC_0077  DSC_0063  DSC_0049
(Photo 1: Renee Moe & Pat Jenkins; Photo 2: Mike Kosolcharoen & Renee Moe; Photo 3: Mike Bress, Renee Moe & Andrea Kaminski)

Words cannot do justice to the entertainment that the Roast Committee provided us this year at the Changing of the Guard, nor the service Renee Moe has given us.

Our thanks to this year’s Roast Committee co-chaired by Kris Ashe and Stan Kitson; to Laura Gallagher of The Creative Company for video services including a “PRESS” FILM prepared for the Roast Committee; to John Bonsett-Veal and Valerie Johnson for photography and video; and to Larry Larrabee for this review article.