June 29: Changing of the Guard – the June 29th Rotary Meeting Looked Back on a Year of Accomplishments and an Optimistic Future

–submitted by Sharyn Alden

“I’ll see you on the other side of ‘Service Beyond Self.”  Those parting words by out-going Rotary president, Teresa Holmes, met with a standing ovation during a tribute to her role in leading the Rotary Club of Madison this past year.

   She pointed out her passion for Rotary became more deeply rooted after she attended the Rotary International Conference a few years ago. “It helped me grow as a Rotarian, especially when I looked around and saw all the great things Rotarians accomplish, not only in our club, but beyond,” she said.

   She was good-naturedly ‘roasted’ with a video of “Bloopers.” It showcased her effervescent spark of enthusiasm for her commitment to Rotary and her sometimes cadre of mispronounced words –i.e. -‘Rodeo Club,’ which brought a round of laughter from the audience as well as from Holmes.

   With the ‘Changing of the Guard,’ Paul Hoffmann transitioned from being president-elect to becoming the 2022-2023 president of the Rotary Club of Madison. He spoke about the many highlights that have helped the club connect, grow and serve over the last year, and his looking forward to the upcoming year as president.

   One area summarized in the “Year in Review” portion of the program highlighted a show of community support in terms of funding. The club provided $755,253 for a wide variety of community projects. Additionally, the Community Grants Campaign raised $155,556 to support local projects, and the Rotary International Campaign raised $53,458.

   Congratulations to Paul Hoffmann in his new position as president of the Rotary Club of Madison!

If you missed our meeting this week, you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2jXF_eJtZI&t=10s.

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