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Photo Highlights from Annual Vocational Fellowship Luncheon Day on July 9

Carey Glass 2Carey Glass 3

At the Carey Fused Glass Studio, members created unique votive candle holders.  Photo 1: from left: Peggy Lescrenier, Rachel Krinsky and Ken Yuska; Photo 2: Dewey Bredeson

Overture5  Overture8  Overture6

Members and guests received a backstage tour at the Overture Center for the Arts.

Madison College1
At Madison College, members and guestsreceived a tour of the new Health Education Building.  Pictured above from left: Bob Dinndorf and Dick & Nina Rieselbach.

UW Athletic Center

Members enjoyed lunch and a tour of the new UW Department Student Athlete Performance Center which was completed in January 2014.

StMarys03  StMarys01  StMarys02

At St. Mary’s Hospital, members heard about better care at lower costs.  Photo 1: Frank Byrne; Photo 2: from left: Dave Ewanowski, Suzanne Qualia, Larry Zanoni, Pat Guttenberg and Ted Waldbillig; Photo 3: from left on the helipad: Cindy Herbst, Ted Wadbillig, Paul Karch, Larry Zanoni, Jon Lewis (VP of St. Mary’s Operations) and Dick Goldberg.

Human Eco3  Human Eco2  Human Eco5
At UW’s School of Human Ecology, members toured this sustainable facility which included 13,000 items in its textile collection.

Bruker 1  Bruker 2

At Bruker AXS, members learned about cutting edge digital technology used by next generation scientists in a wide array of industries.

Agrace1  Agrace5  Agrace6
Members and guests learned how rapidly the health industry is changing and what that means to palliative care at Agrace Hospice & Palliative Care.

Webcrafters1  Webcrafters4  Webcrafters5
And members enjoyed lunch and a tour of Webcrafters on July 9.  Photo 1: from left: Kip Frautschi, Nate Brand, Ellis Waller, Martha Casey, Brian Basken, Marci Henderson, Derrick Van Mell and Neil Fauerbach; Photo 2: Jac Garner (left) addresses the group.

We thank the following organizations and Rotary hosts:

  • Agrace Hospice & Palliative Care – Lynne Myers
  • Bruker AXS – Mark Stover
  • Carey Fused Glass – Denny Carey
  • Edgewood College – Scott Flanagan
  • Madison College – Bob Dinndorf, Carey Heyer, Kathleen Smith & Diane Walleser
  • Overture Center for the Arts – Ted DeDee
  • St. Mary’s Hospital – Frank Byrne
  • St. Vincent de Paul – Ralph Middlecamp
  • The Capital Times – Paul Fanlund
  • UW Athletic Department – Ben Fraser
  • UW-Madison School of Human Ecology – Majid Sarmadi
  • Webcrafters, Inc. – Kip Frautschi  

We extend a special thanks to Rico Goedjen, chair of our Vocational Opportunities Committee and his committee for organizing this year’s Vocational Fellowship Luncheon Day.  

20th Annual Vocational Fellowship Luncheon Day

Brent Lindell, Mike Franzen, Tim Muldowney & Gerry Ring at UW Foundation Luncheon

   On June 20, members and guests participated in our 20th Annual Vocational Fellowship Luncheon Day.  Instead of our regular meeting at the Inn on the Park, members enjoyed this opportunity to get to known one another better in a small group setting as they learned more about various members’ businesses.

Mike Knetter of UW Foundation with Rotarian Londa Dewey

   The idea behind this luncheon dates back to the founding of the organization in 1905 when Paul Harris met with three friends to discuss an idea that he was developing.  From this discussion came the concept of a business club to promote fellowship and, by rotating weekly meetings at their various places of business, become better acquainted with one another’s vocations.  This practice of rotating meeting is how Rotary got its name.

Ken Monteleone of Fromagination

We thank the following hosts for their hospitality last week:

  • BadgerBOTS Education Center (Maggie Peterman host)
  • Fromagination (Ken Monteleone host)
  • Madison Children’s Museum (Ruth Shelly host)
  • Mid-West Family Broadcasting (Ted Waldbillig host)
  • Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries (Joe Xanthopoulos host)
  • Placon Corporation (Tom Mohs host)
  • St. Mary’s Hospital (Frank Byrne host)
  • University of Wisconsin Foundation (Walt Keough host)
  • Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, The Morgridge Institute for
    Research & WARF (Steve Mixtacki, host)
  • Wisconsin Legislative Council (Terry Anderson host)


Ruth Shelly leads the tour at Madison Children’s Museum

John Bonsett-Veal and Lin Rohr

Cathy Durham

We extend a special thanks to Rico Goedjen, chair of our Vocational Opportunities Committee and his committee for organizing this year’s Fellowship Luncheon Day.

The luncheon held at the Wisconsin Legislative Council warranted the following comments from two of our members:

“We enjoyed a tasty lunch and a very interesting, informative overview of the nonpartisan LRB by Sen. Joan Ballweg of Markesan.  Afterwards,  the group was treated to a climb to the topmost reaches of the Capitol, at the foot of lady Forward.”   –Rick Kiley


Donna Beestman, Lynn Phelps and Philip Petrowski

“Terry–You literally took the site visit program to new heights. It was fantastic. Thank you for organizing this. I learned a lot from you and Joan and I will never look out my office window with the view of the Capitol the same way again. What a rare and wonderful treat to trot to the top (well, not exactly trot!)”
–Joan Collins

Paul Karch

Rick Kiley, John Faust and Nancy Young

Vocational Fellowship Luncheon – Madison College

Downtown Madison Rotary thanks Madison College for sponsoring a Vocational Fellowship Luncheon on July 6.  Thanks, too, to hosts Bob Dinndorf, Bettsey Barhorst and. Roger Price.

Vocational Fellowship Luncheon – The Bruce Company

Madison Rotary thanks The Bruce Company and Bob Winding for hosting a Vocational Fellowship Luncheon.

The Bruce Company welcomes Downtown Madison Rotary

Rotarians enjoying Bruce Company hospitality.