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Wisconsin Harvest Dinner A Success!

–submitted by Mary Borland; photos by Jason Beren & Rebecca Prochaska


Our club’s Culinary Arts Fellowship group members and their guests gathered at The Madison Club Monday night, Oct. 23.  After some initial socializing and enjoyment of hors d’oeuvres, they were treated to a cooking demonstration in the kitchen by Chef Stuebing.

IMG_20171023_183309  IMG_20171023_184731  IMG_20171023_184048

He demonstrated how to prepare the Heritage slow roasted pork loin we’d be enjoying during the meal. In addition to the pork loin, members and guests enjoyed a wonderful pumpkin crab bisque (you don’t see this on the menu very often!) and a wonderful autumn pear tart with honey ice cream.

IMG_20171023_185526   IMG_20171023_190930  IMG_20171023_192544  IMG_20171023_195214

Everyone had a good time and shared good fellowship. A bonus was being able to share the evening with two guests–Rotarians from the Netherlands, a physician and an interior decorator, Harmen and Jolanthe Krepel, whose daughter is attending UW-Madison. They had lots of questions for us about our culture and politics and we learned a lot from them, including a bit of trivia about the tulip bulb crash of 1637!

Harvest Dinner Photo1  Selfe

Photo 1: from left: Jolanthe Krepel, Sharon Hoffmanm, Mary & Bob Borland, & Paul Hoffmann; Photo 2: “Selfie” in the kitchen with Chef Stuebing!

Our thanks to Valerie Kazamias for organizing this event for our club!

Highlights from Culinary Steak Fry August 4

–submitted by Mary Borland; photos by Juli Aulik and Donna Beestman

The Rotary Culinary Arts Fellowship Group met for a fun summer gathering on the sandy shore of Lake Mendota the evening of August 4. It was a perfect summer night in Madison! If someone looking to move to Madison was in town August 4, they would have immediately fallen in love with our city just due to the perfect weather.

From left: Dorothy Brown, Randy Banks, Donna Jurek, and Ellsworth Brown

From left: Dorothy Brown, Randy Banks, Donna Jurek, and Ellsworth Brown

Add a view of Lake Mendota and the Capitol, and it can’t be beat! The group enjoyed an Old-fashioned, delicious Lakeside Steak Fry, including appetizers and dessert, under the direction of celebrated Chef Steven Hahn (below) of the Maple Bluff Country Club.


Chef Steve demonstrated how to make the marinade used on the evening’s steaks and answered a multitude of questions from the group including how to test if a steak is done without piercing it with a meat thermometer and how long to marinate the steaks.

IMG_6810AAA  IMG_6814AAA  IMG_6706AAA

After enjoying the wonderful buffet, guests lingered on the shores of the Maple Bluff Beach House as the sun set and left thankful for the new friends they made and the wonderful food they enjoyed.

Photo2  Photo7  Photo8

If you’d like to join the Rotary Culinary Arts Fellowship Group, please contact the Rotary office – we’d love to have you!