Recent Rotary Fellowship Group Events

Rotary Wine Fellowship Group Event on August 16, 2012
–submittted by Ellie Schatz; photos by Dori Hosek

Keeping 15 wine tasters listening and in a semblance of order can be a daunting task. So on Thursday evening, August 16, host and fellowship group leader Mike Wilson displayed his greenstone, a form of jade found in the South Island of New Zealand. Used by the Maoris as a weapon and considered more valuable than gold, our group was duly impressed with his trinket, but not given to voting any wine the best of the evening unless it truly passed an individual test for color, aroma, body, bouquet, finish, etc.

From left: Steve Landry, Robyn Kitson, Becky Steinhoff, Mike Wilson & Steve Mixtacki

Peggy Lescrenier & Robyn Kitson

After tasting 9 of the 12 wines featured, Mike called for a vote. With a few abstentions, a zinfindel from central California won by a 7:4 vote. This gave reason for Peggy Lescrenier and Robyn Kitson to raise their glasses in celebration of their fine wine-tasting judgment.

(Pictured above from left: Patty Wilson, Peggy Lescrenier, Steve & Meryl Mixtacki, and Keith & Juli Baumgartner)

Steve Mixtacki surprised us all with an unusual finisher: a red-wine gelato. Chocolaterie Stam, a shop on Deming Way in Middleton, makes gelato out of just about anything your heart desires. Here’s to Steve’s blend of Bordeaux with ice cream. I know where I’m getting the dessert for my next dinner party!

Rotary Bicycling Fellowship Outing on August 18, 2012
–submitted by Jeff Tews

We had a delightful Saturday morning for a Bike Fellowship ride around West Madison. In attendance (above), from left, Cindy Waldbillig, John Faust, Ted Waldbillig, Sue Faust, Susan Prest, Karen Ostrov, Michael Ostrov, Jeff Tews, Allen Sherwood. Picture taken by Susan Rather.

Rotary Scotch Whisky Fellowship Event on August 20, 2012
–photos submitted by Noel Pearson
The event was hosted by Lew Harned at his home on Lake Mendota.

From left: Dan Dieck, Melanie Ramey, Lew Harned and Mike Wenzel

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