Rotary Business LinkUp Meeting on August 9

-submitted by Dave Ewanowski

From left: Steve Musser, Deb Raupp, Bill Montei, Dave Ewanowski and Paul Olsen

Fifteen Rotarians and guests met at the Madison Club on Thursday, August 9th for an informative “Business LinkUp” session.  Members learned more about each other’s businesses and organizations as they discussed stimulating topics posed by moderators Derrick Van Mell and Roger Phelps.  Questions included “What is the value of a great idea?” and “What was your greatest risk?”  In addition, Rob Ringeisen spoke about his business (Tom James clothiers) and Dave Ewanowski, founding partner at KEE Architecture, highlighted recent work of the firm.  More LinkUp sessions are planned for the future.  Stay tuned…

One response to “Rotary Business LinkUp Meeting on August 9

  1. Another great meeting! Thanks to Roger and Derrick for organizing. The questions promoted valuable dialogue. I appreciate the thought you both put into these meetings!

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