At the Heart of Rotary

Last week I took the time to visit the Madison Horizons Rotary Club at the Radisson Inn West on Grand Canyon Drive.  I guess, I’m already missing some of the usual weekly interaction that comes from small lunch table conversation.  I always wanted to visit Madison Horizons but never took the time until last week.  They have a big Rotary Wheel outside of the hotel so I figured that they must be doing something right.  Well, I entered as a visitor, and I came out feeling like a member of the Club.  They gladly welcomed me and made sure that all of the visitors were formerly introduced to the entire club as we sat to enjoy a hardy lunch.

They had a very lively and upbeat speaker who provided valuable community information about the threats of poisonous gas in households.  I felt well informed and a little closer to the issues that fellow Madison homeowners face.  It was clear to me that Rotary plays a vital role in community service, education and public discourse.  It’s important to discuss vital issues face-to-face, when you can, to exchange ideas and creatively work to find solutions to problems.  As I took a minute to look around the room to see if everyone was engaged in the presentation, I also noticed one other thing.  Almost every Rotarian was wearing a Rotary pin.  The meeting was important to them, and they were proud to wear their pins.  It didn’t take me long to realize that this, community-oriented, Rotary Club sits at the heart of Rotary.  I’m going to take the time, during this Rotary year, to visit and fellowship with other clubs in Madison and I hope you do to.

Yours In Service,
Wes Sparkman
Club President

6 responses to “At the Heart of Rotary

  1. Donna Beestman

    Thanks, Wes! This is a good reminder about the enriching experience of visiting other Clubs both locally and when traveling in the US or abroad.

  2. Dean Dickinson

    Every Past Governor will tell you that it is a privilege it is to be able to visit the sixty, now sixty one, Rotary Clubs in our district…all unique but all grounded in what is fundamentally Rotary…Fellowship, Integrity and service…Thanks Wes for bringing this message to all of us.

  3. I am thinking that as a host family to our incoming Rotary Exchange student, Rafael Eguia, that I may have an opportunity to visit some more clubs in the district with him. Just an added bonus! Thanks for sharing, Wes.

  4. Thanks Wes, It’s nice for you to visit the other Madison Area clubs. I get the feeling the smaller clubs feel we are too large to have the kind of fellowship and community they enjoy. You are a good ambassador to extend the hand of friendship to our fellow Rotarians and show them we have the same community feeling in our club.

  5. It’s important to see the strength in all our Clubs. Getting outside our own box helps us see this strength! Nice post! Nice reminder!

  6. John Bonsett-Veal

    Wes, You make a good point, and no to be lost in the discussion is the fact that visiting another club is more than just getting a make-up… We learn about the culture of other Rotarians and their world. This is even more impacting if you visit a club in another country… Amazing experiences are to be found there.

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