Madison Downtown Rotary Club – One Club Fits All

IMG_0072–submitted by Ellis Waller, Chair of Lew Harned Society Fellowship Group

At the most recent Lew Harned Society Event, I was talking with Joy Rice about the many good things the Downtown Madison Rotary Club offers. We both agreed that the luncheon programs were superb, week after week. Upon giving further thought about why Rotary appeals to me it occurred to me that the Downtown Madison Rotary is an all-encompassing organization that provides a wide variety of opportunities for service, education, fellowship and leadership, all within one organization.

First, there are the luncheon programs that combine a balanced dose of food, information, programs and fellowship. Second, there are opportunities for leadership or just participation in any of the many committees and fellowship groups. Third, but not least, there are many opportunities for service. These range from simply writing a check, volunteering on a committee, or for an event like the Ethics Symposium, Triquest, or an international project.

Rotary members can pick and choose those activities that appeal to them.  If one’s career limits free time, then one can opt to attend the Wednesday luncheons until time is available for additional areas of service. Very little is required of our members and one’s involvement can be adjusted accordingly. There is no need to be a member of multiple organizations, as it can all take place within Rotary.

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  1. Fantastic! Thanks Ellis!

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