Learning About Ways to Participate in Rotary

–submitted by Jason Beren


On Thursday, December 13, our Member Development Committee hosted a New Member Event where over 20 Rotarians met in the morning for coffee at Blackhawk Country Club arranged by Mike Wenzel to enjoy fellowship, the beautiful view, and to help new members learn more about Rotary.

Experienced Rotarians also in attendance helped Jason Beren with a “Ways To Participate In Rotary” presentation. The discussion emphasized the many opportunities available to participate in Rotary, which also count as make-ups. A number of Rotarians shared personal stories about participating in our own club’s activities and attending meetings at other Rotary Clubs at home and abroad. Hopefully, our new members will be inspired to visit other clubs all over the world, explore and experience the benefits of committee and club service, and participate in the ever-popular fellowship groups.

The event concluded with a quiz, including Panera Bread gift cards for the first new members to answer the questions properly.

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