A Typical Rotary Moment

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Welcome to my blog.

This little adventure is prompted by the social media committee and as is typical in Rotary only through the support, encouragement and hands on work of several members is this a reality.  Social committee members read a draft post, got me to switch to a different platform, coached me extensively on making the most of this, did behind-the-scenes IT work. . . Special thanks to all who commented and Rick Kiley, Tony Stroessenreuther, and Bryan Chan.  Also to UW Health phototog John Maniaci who took the shot of the Capitol skyline on a moment’s notice for me.

All of which is to say this is the club’s blog so please read, comment, and I hope enjoy.

My objectives are to offer my personal reflections on my year as president, offer information and (if we are lucky) insights, and create another forum for fellowship and a place to advance the ideals of our club.  This is an experiment yet designed as a project that can be sustained by future presidents.

It is also an alternative to me just free-associating at the podium.

With that, we are off!

7 responses to “A Typical Rotary Moment

  1. Juli, Congratulations on founding the Madison Rotary President’s blog! If it’s as successful as everything else our chapter does, it will last for generations. Your posts will, no doubt, be a great source of communication among the entire membership. Cheers! Rick

  2. Juli: Thanks for your leadership in the communications age. I suspect you’ll get comments both serious and silly, all of which will open insights and conversations of benefit to everyone. Best wishes, Derrick

  3. Julie,

    As co-chair of the Social Media Committee, I am delighted to see this very tangible evidence of support from our club’s leadership for the work of our committee.

    Please let us know how we can work together to make this a successful mechanism for communication; and of course how we can support your goals for the club for the year ahead!

  4. Well done Juli! As the upcoming speaker for this week’s luncheon, you’ve given me nice material to work with! For that I thank you. 🙂

  5. Go Juli!

    Super that you’ve taken the initiative to get this blog going – will be another excellent channel to share the community work and friendship that is Rotary.

  6. Congratulations on the blog, Juli. Now I can learn from you. Already I see features you have that I have ignored, such as the email subscription option. Even if that doesn’t bring me more hits, it may help me to know who’s reading my blog.

    Great first day at the podium, with your initial little problems adding to the fun! We can all relate.

  7. Rah rah, Juli! Let us know how we can help… -R

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