reflections on “busted” as well as a report

Last night, I cochaired the Access Community Health Center Dinner with fellow Rotarian Brad Hutter and former Rotarian Jeanan Yasiri.  At the end of the night, I had a napkin full of pin/no pin notes (more on that below) and realized that there is something more important:  Actually talking with people.

Whether or not Rotarians had on their pins became the topic of conversation and at the end of the night, I felt the absence of more meaningful exchanges.  I feel like I have created a parable about elevating a symbol to importance and through that learning the importance of what it stands for: friendship and fellowship.

That said, we did have some fun and we are about to have some more.

Since “busted” started, we had a trial run on election night.  I was just back from vacation and not in Presidential mode or prepared to record names but I did learn some valuable lessons: Not everyone has read the rules.  Frank Byrne and I were both in casual clothes (i.e. not acceptable at the Madison Club) and not wearing pins.  We were not fineable. If you are not wearing a pin and if you ask me if enough Rotarians are present to earn a make up, there should be a whole new class of fine for you.  If you are wearing a different pin, it doesn’t count.

I am too busy during our weekly meeting to play “busted,” but I understand pin sales have been swift at the button box.

Otherwise, here is my report for April thus far:

4/15 @ the new Union South.  Dawn Crim=busted. (Dawn: no pin + me: pin = $1 to MRF).

4/19 @ YMCA HQ. Carrie Wall=busted. Me=busted. (Carrie: no pin + me: no pin = $2 or a buck each).

4/27 @ UW Hospital. Larry Zanoni= not busted! We were both wearing our pins!

4/28 @ ACHC dinner:

No pin: Brian Fick, Mark Moody, Kevin Huddleston (pin he was wearning did not count), Kathryne McGowan, Virginia Henderson (I know, how can I fine Virginia), Susan Phillips, Cheryl DeMars, Suresh Chandra, Katharyn May, and Joan Collins. Several of the women listed were wearing jackets, esp Joan, that one would not stick a pin into.  That is sad.  I am sorry.  Joan’s story about wearing her Rotary bike shirt in line in Florida and meeting a fellow Rotarian doesn’t count but it’s a great story.  That is a whopping $10 to the MRF.

Certain people I just didn’t quite remember such as one who has bought four pins recently and reported the latest, a magnetic one, attached itself to her curling iron.

Pins on:

Perry Henderson (of course), Steve Goldberg (of course and extra credit for bringing pin for Rich Lynch to another event last week to save him a fine), George Nelson, Brad Hutter, Larry Zanoni and me!

Because I am a wise and just President, I will pay the $10 in fines for those at the ACHC dinner to say “thank you for coming even though you weren’t wearing your pin.” Also I have some mercy for our sgt at arms.  I however will dispatch Ann after Dawn and Carrie.

Tomorrow is Rotarians at Work Day and I dearly hope I can find my fluorescent yellow shirt from last year as that is far more effective than a pin.  Even if under a fleece (Rotary of course).

One response to “reflections on “busted” as well as a report

  1. Bob Mohelnitzky

    Hi Julie,
    We are loving our new life here in Tucson and we keep up with Madison events online and by regular visits with Jeff and Angie B. I’ll bet you are a great President. I saw this joke this AM and thought of Past Present. Olson.
    Ole and Sven were waiting at the bus stop when a truck
     went past loaded up with rolls of sod.
     Ole said, “I’m gonna do dat when I win da lottery.”
     “What’s dat, den?” asks Sven.
     “Send my lawn away to be mowed.”
    All the best to you and all club members and staff,
    Bob Mohelnitzky

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