Rotary New Member Coffee BINGO!

Jason Beren, with the assistance of Mary Gaffney-Ward of The Madison Club, organized an enjoyable coffee for new members at The Madison Club on Tuesday morning, March 6. About 25 new and longer-term Rotarians gathered for a tasty breakfast buffet, followed by “Rotary Bingo” devised by Jason. Everyone received a bingo card with mysterious clues to the identities of those who attended and proceeded to write in the names that fit the clues.

Roger Phelps and Sarah Dunn-Carpenter

Steve Musser, Mary Helen Becker, Melanie Ramey and Roger Phelps

Did you know that a member of our club spent 3 months in the Sahara at a camel market?

Do you know which fellow Rotarian went to an Edgewood High School prom with the late comedian Chris Farley?

Mary Kaminski and Rico Goedjen

Or who played on a “Final Four” soccer team at the University of Chicago?

Who was arrested in North Carolina during a Civil Rights Protest?

Ralph Cagle and Tim Hausmann

Who went hunting with Sam Walton of Walmart?

One Rotarian had just participated in the Birkebeiner, and another was in an Ironman Triathlon.

John Thompson and TJ Blitz

A good time was had by all, and new friends were discovered among a very fascinating group of Rotarians.

–Submitted by Mary Helen Becker; Photos by Michael Engelberger

Our thanks to Deb Raupp who pitched the idea of bingo and provided Jason assistance in bringing this event together.

3 responses to “Rotary New Member Coffee BINGO!

  1. How did I miss the new member coffee bingo. Great job. Hope we do it again! Bob D

  2. Nice Job Jason! It was fun working with you on this event, and you pulled it off well! The pictures show how much fun people had mingling, and I talked with a couple people at Wed.’s lunch who enjoyed it!!

  3. Paul Riehemann

    3 months in the Sahara at a camel market !? — do tell……

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