Rotary Bowling Season WrapUp

Submitted by Tom Carroll, Bowling Fellowship Group Chair

From left: Katharyn May, Trey Sprinkman and Bruce Westervelt

April 18 concluded the 2011-12 season of the Civic Bowling League with a final awards banquet at the world famous Maple Tree Restaurant in McFarland, WI.

 In attendance were Gerry Ring, Chuck Elliott, Tom Carroll, George Keehn, Jerry Thain, Doug Gerhart, Katharyn May, Mike Engelberger, Bruce Westervelt and Dick Goldberg.

 Rotary I came in first in league standings for the year and also won the league Tournament which is the equivalent of the NCAA.  In fact, some even call it “March Madness.”  Rotary I regular team members were Doug Gerhart, George Keehn & Jerry Thain with help from non-member Fred Krantz.

 Rotary II came in 8th in the league (no need to ask how many teams are in the league) and 4th in the tournament.  Rotary II regular team members were Tom Carroll, Chuck Elliott, Rick Petershack & Gerry Ring.

Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll

Rotary III finished 7th in league competition and 4th in the “9 Pin Tap Tournament.”  Rotary III regular team members were Mike Engelberger, Katharyn May & Trey Sprinkman.

 All in all, it was a truly great season, fair to all concerned, built goodwill and better friendships, and was beneficial to all concerned.

 The current bowling fellowship group members include: Nelson Cummings, Cathy Durham, Chuck Elliott, Mike Engelberger, Doug Gerhart, Dick Goldberg, Donna Hurd, George Keehn, Katharyn May, Tim Muldowney, Rick Petershack, Gerry Ring, Trey Sprinkman, Jerry Thain and Bruce Westervelt.

 Thanks to all who participated!  We appreciate the support, involvement, and fellowship of those listed above who served as subs and filled in whenever needed during the season. 

Gerry Ring

Gerry Ring

 We look forward to another fun time next season, and we would welcome new members to the group.  Most of the people hadn’t bowled in 30 or 40 years before joining the group.  This is a fun way to get out and meet fellow Rotarians and members of the other service clubs in town.

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