New Member Event at Top of the Park – Message: Follow Your Passion

IMG_0039  IMG_0035  IMG_0038
(Pictured above from left; Photo 1: Yigit Uctum, Cary Heyer & Michelle McGrath; Photo 2: Mike McKay & Herman Baumann; Photo 3: Wendy Wink & Yigit Uctum) 

From left: Rob Stoud, Terry Heinrichs & Jessica Schock

From left: Rob Stoud, Terry Heinrichs & Jessica Schock

What started off as handshakes and introductions budded into the start of many new friendships at the recent new member event on February 4, at the Top of the Park. President Wes Sparkman along with veteran Rotarians passed along the secret to having a successful Rotary experience; follow your passion. Making impact in the club and community will come from your ability to get involved with those causes that you feel most passionate about. A veteran Rotarian shared a story with a newcomer about the passion he and his family have had for hosting exchange students and the impact it has made in his life for both himself and his family. It’s these shared stories that can help to ignite another’s passion and make Rotary what Rotary is all about. Based on the size of the club, it may be impossible to meet everyone and share in their passion. But it’s exciting to think that after years of being a Rotarian, the passion can still be found simply in sharing a story.
                                                                               —submitted by Jessica Schock

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