Celebrating 100 Years: A Look Back in our Club’s History on Member Classifications

Rotary Club of Madison-Centennial LogoAs we celebrate our 100th anniversary, our History Sub-Committee is taking a look back in our club’s rich history and is sharing highlights from the past century.  This week’s message is shared by committee member Carol Toussaint:

One thing I’ve learned from looking back to the beginnings of our Rotary Club is how the classifications have changed.  Here are few we don’t see today as documented in a book covering membership from the years 1913-28:

Adding Machines (Alfred Rowlands)
Barber Shops (John Runkel)
Bookbinder (Frederic Brandenburg)
Butter, Manufacturing (Rubert Steinhauer)
Charity Associations (Charles Wirt, Community Union)
China & Glassware (Robert Douglas)
Cigar, Tobacco (William Fisher)
Coal (Emil Frautschi)
Eggs, Distribution, Retail (Theodore Montague)
Eggs, Wholesale (William Power)
Farmer (John S. Donald, College of Agriculture, UW)
Furniture (Irving Frautschi)
Hardware, Distributing (George Britten)
Hardware, Retail (Louis Hirsig)
Hardware, Wholesale (Albert Strang)
Heavy Hardware (Theodore Wiedenbeck)
Insurance, Adjusting (Paul Rehhfeld)
Insurance Agency (Reuben Neckerman)
Fire Insurance (Arthur Schulkamp)
Fraternal Insurance (Stephen Oscar)
Physical Education (Glenn Thistelthwaite, football coach)
Public Defense Service (Joseph Barnes, U.S. Army)
Steam Railroads (James MacDonald)
Undertaking (Art Frautschi)
Underwear, Manufacturing (Lester Watrous)

The Classification Committees in these early years deserve credit for creativity in getting four members each into the Hardware and Insurance categories!

In the early years of Rotary, there could only be one active and one additional active member per classification.  Several years ago, however, our classification system was revamped to a much broader classification system, and we can now have up to 10 percent of our membership within each classification (see pages 47-53 of our membership roster for the current classification listing).

One response to “Celebrating 100 Years: A Look Back in our Club’s History on Member Classifications

  1. As chair of our current classification committee, I read this with great interest as we are charged with reviwing classifications annually. It seems a shame some of these are no longer used!

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