Rotary “Wheel Fever” Riders October 20

–submitted by Paul Riehemann

20131020_110331 Bike 10 20 13

The authors of Wheel Fever Jesse J. Gant and Nicholas J. Hoffman gave an interesting talk as part of the Wisconsin Book Festival. Following their presentation, they led a group of Madisonians on a historical bike tour of the city.  From “boneshakers” to high-wheels and racing bikes to tricycles, Wheel Fever: How Wisconsin Became a Great Bicycling State  traces the story of Wisconsin’s first “bicycling boom.”  It covers the origins of bicycling and why those origins still matter, but it is also about Wisconsin’s continuing fascination with all things bicycle.


Pictured above from left are Rotary Bicycle Felowship participants: Paul Riehemann with daughter Danika, Mike Crane, Jason Beren, Jeff Tews with Susan Rather and Jed Engeler with Jan Cibula

One response to “Rotary “Wheel Fever” Riders October 20

  1. Great book and great event – wish I could have joined you all! Thanks for posting this update.

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