Arboretum Hike on November 16

–submitted by Andrea Kaminski; photo by  Rob Stroud


Pictured above from left: Frank Stein, Andrea Kaminski, Janet Piraino, Mary Stroud, Stan Kitson, Bob Graebner, Ginny Yuska, Wendy Wink & Ken Yuska

Eight Rotarians and guests donned foul weather gear for a hiking fellowship trek through the UW Arboretum on November 16. While the weather was iffy, the group was determined to get in a hike before the Badgers game. Armed with trail maps and good conversation, the group walked just under three miles according to one hiker with a mileage app on her cell phone. As we departed the woods before returning to the visitor center, we encountered a gaggle of 13 wild turkeys who seemed blissfully unaware that Thanksgiving was right around the corner.

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