Annual Rotaract Holiday Party on December 7

-submitted by Dick & Noel Pearson

Rotaract Dec 7 2013 008

“This event was absolutely the best ever!  As each student walked in the door, they were asked to hang at least one ornament on the tree.  We have an All-Faith Christmas tree!

They all got together and tied knots on 15 no-sew fleece fringe blankets to be given to First Responders in a few weeks.  They also made a blanket with US Army fleece, for Rotarian Lew Harned, but he was not in attendance.  Moses Altsech will help  figure out how to get it to Lew.

Rotaract Dec 7 2013 005

One of the  highlights of the evening, was the “Who  has the ugliest Christmas sweater” contest.  Moses was the judge.  His commentary was hilarious.

Each student brought a gift for  exchange.  They all gathered around the Christmas tree while Brittney read aloud “The  Night Before Christmas.”  She added the words “left” and “right” every so often.  When either left or right was spoken, bags were to be passed in that direction.  The anticipation and excitement at the passing of each gift bag  was fun to see.  The reactions of the students as they had to pass a bag with a gift they wanted to keep were very creative.

Rotaract Dec 7 2013 016   Rotaract Dec 7 2013 001   Rotaract Dec 7 2013 012

Dan Larson selected a nice variety of pizzas from Glass Nickel.

When some of the students realized we have a dog and a cat, they politely asked if I would let them visit Ralph and Peter.  Ralph, the cat, was his usual 20-pound nonchalant self.   Peter, the 2-year-old black  Lab rescue, loved and hugged everyone in sight.

Rotaract Dec 7 2013 009

Each student gave me a hug as they left and expressed thanks for a wonderful party.”

Our thanks to Dick and Noel Pearson for hosting this event at their home on December 7.

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