2013 Holiday Party Highlights

Our thanks to Ellsworth Brown and John Bonsett-Veal for photos of this year’s Rotary Club of Madison Holiday Party on December 18.

Conroy Hummel   Pearson

Pictured above in Photo 1: Tim Conroy & Barb Hummel; Photo 2: Dick Pearson

Millner Moe   V Henderson

Pictured above in Photo 1: Regina Millner & Renee Moe; Photo 2: Virginia Henderson

Lucke Piraino  JBV Brown  Qualia

Pictured above in Photo 1: Janet Piraino & Anne Lucke; Photo 2: John Bonsett-Veal & Ellsworth Brown; Photo 3: Suzanne Qualia

Karch  Guttenberg

Pictured above in Photo 1: Paul Karch Photo 2: Pat Guttenberg


Members of the Rotary Choir provided some songs of the season.  Pictured above from left: Roger Phelps, Brad Hutter, Dick Lovell, Bill Rock, Jenny Armstrong and Tom Popp with Elaine Mischler on piano.


The Holiday buffet line ended in an array of wonderful sweet treats!

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