New Member Coffee Event January 9 at Blackhawk Country Club

–submitted by Stan Kitson; photos by Ellsworth Brown

DSC_1094Jason Beren (pictured at left) hosted a Coffee Event for 20+ new and experienced Rotarians at Blackhawk Country Club on Thursday, January 9. We started with coffee and fellowship, quickly moving to introductions and the presentation. Jason, with remarks from Past President (2012-13) Wes Sparkman, incoming president (2014-15) Tim Stadelman and future president (2015-16) Ellsworth Brown, set the expectations for the President Roast and asked that two new members step up as co-chairs.

Jason continued the presentation by reviewing many of the committees, turning to Tim Stadelman, Rob Stroud and Donna Beestman to elaborate on CECADE, Rotary International and Ethics Symposium. It was stressed that joining most of the committees is simply a matter of contacting the Rotary office and letting the staff know you’re interested and attending the meetings; there is no reason to wait until the official spring sign-up period.

DSC_1097Jeff Tews (pictured at right) followed with an interesting discussion about fellowship groups, prompting members as to why they joined the groups they participate in and how they benefit from joining. More than one commented that they joined Rotary because it brought three “desires” together… “the desire to give back to the community, the desire to create new friendships and the desire to help their businesses…” The latter results from the first two.

We adjourned at 8:45.

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