Rotary Wine Event January 30 2014

–submitted by Mike Wilson


On the cool and snowy Thursday night of January 30, the Wine Fellowship Group met at the home of Mike & Patty Wilson. All 17 guests brought along a wine with a short description, together with a snack as part of a “BYO Night.” We had several of the regulars attending; the return of some that had not been to the Fellowship lately due to other commitments; and new Fellowshippers providing an excellent mix of individuals.  An extraordinary collection of wines and snacks also arrived, and Steve Mixtacki was able to put these together in groups for all to taste.

photo7  photo10

Photo 1: Mary Janet & Karl Wellensiek; Photo 2: Rich & Joan Leffler

All of the wines were excellent and many had special meanings to the donors.  Most are available on the market but some were from personal collections and no longer available, or bought for a special personal event, but all were brought to share and celebrate with other Rotary Wine Fellowshippers.  An extraordinarily good time was had by all, and great fellowship occurred; the essence of the many different Rotary Fellowship groups.

photo6   photo8  photo9

Photo 1: Juli & Keith Baumgartner; Photo 2: TeDee & Gail DeDee with Mike Casey; Photo 3: Patty Struck & her husband, Larry Bechler

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