–submitted by Renee Moe, Chair of Large-Impact Service Project Task Force 

Five years ago, our Board of Directors charged the Club with identifying four areas of service. For the past two years, the Club has been engaged in planning and member engagement around our large-impact service project, including member surveys, visioning session, and other meetings.

Last year, our Service Committee Chairs cataloged our existing service into three areas: Basic Needs, Education and Mentoring and Civic Leadership. This year, the Club has embarked on identifying a large-impact service project utilizing additional member input and engagement.

The Board has asked an ad hoc large-impact service committee to make a recommendation for the June Board meeting, aligning around the charge: Rotary Club of Madison shall become a LEADER in building a strong, diverse but unified, and sustainable Madison community.

Through a series of meetings, the Equity Ad Hoc Committee made a project recommendation which focuses on adult employment and mentoring which was accepted by the Large Impact Project Ad Hoc Committee. The Committee would also like consideration of a youth/education/mentoring/internship component. Both will allow our Club to become a leader in building a strong, diverse but unified, and sustainable Madison community, AND provide many opportunities for a large number of Rotarians to be directly involved in service.

There are many details to be worked out, including defining scope and scale; communicating with and hearing from members to foster Club-wide engagement in the education/volunteerism/operations of the project; learning more about what is currently happening in the community in these areas; getting feedback from external stakeholder groups also working in these areas (so we can be complimentary and supportive of community-wide initiatives); identifying measures of success/timelines/committee support; and more.

This blog post is to update you and the larger community about our progress, and to thank you very much for your participation in our all-member surveys, many meetings, and Centennial vision session. We are making progress! There will be more opportunities to learn about and influence our large-impact service in the coming weeks and months! Thank you for your Service Above Self.




  1. Ellsworth Brown

    Thanks, Renee, for maintaining your usual high standards of communication. Looks like solid work and good deliberation are guides in this journey.


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