I Guess I Had to Do This

–submitted by Linda Baldwin; photo by John Bonsett-Veal

Coach Chryst (left) with Club President Ellsworth Brown

Coach Chryst (left) with Club President Ellsworth Brown

Paul Chryst, UW-Madison football coach, acknowledges he comes from a long line of Badgers and that he seemed destined to come here as head coach.

He’s proud to be here and represent the program every day.

Chyrst remarked that there’s something special about the UW team…it’s part of something bigger – the spirit of the state and the University.  “I’m a coach,” Chryst shrugged. “My dream job, well everyday I’ve coached, I loved it. I’ve been able to have a positive impact on young men.”

He says he’s at UW because of the body of work he’s done over time. “I’ve had a hand in helping those teams have success. But, so many people make for that success.”

The coach’s favorite job is to work with the players on the field. “None of us know how good players will be. But our job is to keep pushing them to be the best they can be. There’s no magic. You gotta work. Every season is a journey.”

“One challenge is to get to know your players as people, then you can coach them.” Chyrst moves on to recruiting. He says,  Recruiting is about finding the right fit. Guys who come here have to want to be a great player and get an education. We want high standards.”

Commenting on the cliché that there’s no “I” in team, Chryst disagreed. Individuals make up the team. They come from totally different backgrounds and come to work together bringing unique skills.

“Be you, but be the good you.”

When asked about the upcoming season, Chryst hopes for the team to come together. He has a group of experienced seniors, then the older guys who want their turn to lead and the younger players who will grow up. Chryst notes that the middle group is the key to our season success…can they make the jump?

Our thanks to WisconsinEye for videotaping our meeting today.  You can view the Coach’s presentation on this LINK to their website.


Paul Chryst (second row, left)

Paul Chryst (second row, left) served as bat boy for his neighborhood baseball team as a youngster. (1971)

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