Get to Know Rotary! New Member Event on September 17 at Madison Club

–submitted by Sandy Morales; photos by Donna Beestman

From left: Mpoli Simwanza-Johnson, Club President Ellsworth Brown, Zack Robbins, Brett Topham and Jenny Sanders

Last Thursday 25+ new and experienced Rotarians came together to network and learn about the opportunities that come with being a Rotarian.

NME 9 17 2015 EJason Beren from the Member Development Committee welcomed the group and everyone had a chance to introduce themselves. A presentation followed and started with the work that is supported internationally and locally with both The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International and our club’s Madison Rotary Foundation. Rotarians are encouraged to participate in both and Paul Harris recognition is given to those that contribute at least $1,000 to The Rotary International Foundation which can be a cumulative gift over time.

There are many ways to participate in Rotary outside of the regular scheduled weekly luncheon and is highly encouraged and also a way to do make-ups.  One member explained that fellowship groups are a great way to engage a spouse, partner or family. Rotarians can also attend other Rotary clubs locally or anywhere else in the world, since we have 34,000 clubs internationally.  Rob Stroud also encouraged members to consider becoming involved at the district level and meet other Rotarians from the region.

From left: Kris Ashe and Sandy Morales

From left: Kris Ashe and Sandy Morales

There was a one-question quiz at the end – What is the maximum number of make-ups you can garner on one Wednesday? Can you guess? Answer is four. 1) New Member Coffee 2) Committee Meeting before Rotary 3) Committee Meeting after Rotary 4) Evening Fellowship.

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