Wine Fellowship Event March 7

–submitted by Mike Wilson

Table Wine 6   Table Wine 7  Table Wine 8

On the 7th of March The Downtown Rotary Club Wine fellowship visited Table Wine, a new wine bar and wine shop that specializes in wines of modest cost.  The Fellowship was introduced to the Wine Table through Cheryl Wittke, and a wonderful event was held.

Table Wine 5

Joy Gander & Cheryl Wittke

Seventeen Wine Fellowshippers met at 6:30 pm, and we had a Floral and Spicy Wine Tasting. The theme is interesting, and similar to the oldworld/newworld concept.  The wines were certainly spicy or floral, and were excellent.

Five wines were rated by me as particularly good, and these were the five best by the group as a whole.  In the Spicy White group the Elena Walch Italian Gurwurtztraminer (2013 @ $19.99) and Matchbook “The Arsonist” Chardonnay were equally adored by the Fellowship (2013 @$21.99), while in the other three categories there were “Clear Winners” receiving >70% of the vote as the best of the group classification.

The individual group “winners” were Le Masciare Fiano de Avellino 2013 @ $16.99 (Floral White), a Shotfire Shiraz (therefore Australian) Spicy Red 2013 @ $19.99, and Luzon Altos de luzon 2010 Spanish blend (Monastrell, Tempranillo and Cab. Sauv. 50/25/25 blend) as the Floral Red.  Each of these wines were clearly the most preferred wines in these categories.

Table Wine1  Table Wine 3  Table Wine 4

Photo 1: Ben Hebebrand & Joy Dawson; Photo 2: Candace & Mark Moody; Photo 3: Steve & Meryl Mixtacki

So if anyone wants to try good reasonably priced wines, consider these wines available at Table Wine.  All in all, a wonderful time was had by all with great wines tasted. Thank you very much Molly Moran, owner of Table Wine (2045 Attwood Avenue).

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