Bradley Versus Kloppenburg Debate

–submitted by Mary Borland; photos by Karl Wellensiek

Bradley RebeccaKloppenburg JoAnneThis week’s Rotary program featured State Supreme Court candidates, Justice Rebecca Bradley and Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg. Rotary Club of Madison partnered with WisconsinEye to produce this forum. WisconsinEye reporter Steve Walters moderated the forum and the broadcast was livestreamed to WisconsinEye viewers using computers or mobile devices.

Opening and closing remarks were made by each candidate as to why they should be elected to the WI Supreme Court.   Bradley cited business experience and litigation experience; and Kloppenburg cited experience, independence/non-partisan background.

When the candidates were asked how voters can determine who to vote for, Bradley stated her judicial philosophy and her judicial role models she aligns with to carry out the law as reasons to vote for her; and Kloppenburg said she will stand up to partisan interests and that Wisconsin needs an independent judge, politics versus qualifications is important. There were rebuttals by both candidates with both stating they would put their personal opinions aside when judging.

Questions around open records laws and when to recuse oneself were asked, as well as the candidates thoughts on public campaign financing, with differing points of views. Watch WisconsinEye on Charter Channel 995 and Time Warner Channel 363 to see the forum for yourself as you prepare to vote on April 5.

Our thanks to the Supreme Court Candidates for appearing this week and to WisEye for livestreaming our forum this week.  You can watch the video here.

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