Brown Bag Blind Wine Tasting April 24

–submitted by Mike Wilson

wine photo12

On Sunday April 24th, in the late, wonderful Spring afternoon, 17 Rotary Wine Fellowshippers met at Steve and Meryl Mixtacki’s home for a Brown Bag Blind Tasting of 12 wines selected by Steve Mixtacki.

wine photo4

The first round was of three whites; a 2014 Moscofilero from Greece (a wine we tried at the last wine fellowship at Table Wine), a 2014 Vernaccia from Italy and a 2014 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  The costs of these were similar at about $15, and the Vernaccia was the most popular among the tasters.

wine photo8
The second round of bagged wines were Chardonnays with a broad price difference, with two at ~$9 and one $33.  The grand Winner was the Hess Select at $9.

wine photo9The next round was a red wine presentation of Spanish Wines. Two were Rioja’s and the other a  Priorat, and these regions represent the only regional DO’s with quality (i.e. DOCa) as classified by Spain.  Both represent regional blends with Rioja’s having ~60% Tempranillo with additional Garnacha, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah.  The Priorat has more Garnacha but no Tempranillo but with the other wines also.  We tried a 2009 Rioja Crianza (1 year in oak) at $20 and a 2009 Reserva (at least one year in oak and another year in oak or in the bottle) at $28.  Incidentally there is a Gran Reserva with at least 2 years in oak and 3 years in bottle before release. The Priorat which is from the Catalonia region was a 2008 example at $30. These wines were very good and represent some of the best from Spain. All were very nice with no clear winner as I recall.

wine photo16Lastly we tried 3 very different red wines – a 2013 Catena Malbec from Argentina ($15), a 2010 Napa Watermark Cabernet Sauvignon of great quality, and a 2013 Unti Zinfandel from California (~$30). The most impressive was the Watermark with ~2/3 of the group preferring that wine.  Unfortunately this is not available for purchase locally.

wine photo15  wine photo14  winephoto25

Photo 1: Maria & Jim Fitzpatrick; Photo 2: Mary Janet & Karl Wellensiek; Photo 3: Jennifer & Bob Winding

All in all, a very impressive tasting, with some very clear winners, and some of these at reasonable cost.


Pictured here from left: Ginny Yuska, Mike Wilson & Patty Wilson

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