The Forward Festival

–submitted by Mary Helen Becker; photo by Will Anzenberger

Younkle Matt 8 17 16.Matt Younkle, the inventor of Turbo Tap, a device which enables craft beers to be poured quicker and more efficiently, described this year’s Forward Fest, which will take place from Aug. 18 to Aug. 25 in various venues around Madison, including the Madison Children’s Museum, MMOCA, the Madison Central Library, and the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. In 2010 he co-founded the Forward Technology Conference. In a few short years it has grown to the 44 events available this year.

Open to the public, the Forward Fest emphasizes cross-connection, promotion, and opportunities to interact with others. The goal is to make Madison the best place possible to start a business. Several companies are sponsors, and the event is produced by many volunteers.

They support coworking, a way for a new business to have an address and a place to work. Young companies are the primary sources of new jobs. Rotarians were given a schedule of events which undoubtedly features something of interest to everyone!

Did you miss our meeting this week?  Watch it online HERE.

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