48th Annual Rotary Youth Awards Program

–photos by John Bonsett-Veal


On May 10, the Rotary Club of Madison honored 48 Madison high school students who received Rotary certificates and cash awards totaling $26,150 to recognize their scholastic achievements and contributions to the Madison community.  Awards were made in the following categories:

For their role in the selection process the following students received $180 and were honored for serving as Community Service Award Judges: Yacoub Alwari  from West High School; Rahim Ansari from Memorial High School; Henry DeMarco from Edgewood High School; Israel Oby from East High School; and Reanna Rasmussen from La Follette High School.

Six sophomores received $225 Wilson Sophomore Academic Improvement Awards for outstanding improvement in academic progress while in high school:  Skylar Bull Lyon from Shabazz City High School; Fatoumata Jammeh from La Follette High School; Dean Johnson from West High School; Gregory Lee, Jr. from Memorial High School; Narai Spencer from East High School and Frank Stroncek from Edgewood High School.

DSC_0065   DSC_0036   DSC_0055

Six students received $300 Junior Academic Improvement Awards for significant academic improvement while in high school:  Allison Conybear from Edgewood High School; Ahmed Fustok from Memorial High School; Georgia Gober from West High School; Jahdai Guerrero Bastardo from La Follette High School; Elayne Quintanilla from East High School; and Rochelle White from Shabazz City High School.


Six students received $500 Senior Academic Improvement Awards for academic progress while in high school: Andrea Fernandez from West High School; Gino Fox from East High School; Mileydi Guzman Rosales from Memorial High School; Chrispin Kenney, Jr. from Edgewood High School; Liam Nicolai from Shabazz City High School; and I’Keya Street from La Follette High School


The $500 Rotary Senior Academic Achievement Awards for top scholarship were presented to: Luna Abresch from Shabazz City High School; David Chen from Memorial High School; Bryan Jin from West High School; Sophia Klimowicz from East High School; Meghan O’Connell from La Follette High School; and Laurel Smith from Edgewood High School.

DSC_0057   DSC_0041


Receiving $1,300 awards for their leadership in Community Service Projects were: Emily DeRusha from East High School; Menatu Maaneb de Macedo from Edgewood High School; William Omohundro from West High School; Brittany Robbins from La Follette High School; Danielle Wendricks from La Follette High School; and Phoebe Woolson from West High School


In addition, Alan Morales from West High School received the $500 Fay J. Meade Community Service Award for use in furthering his education.

DSC_0051  DSC_0008

Six students were selected to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Conference, and their $200 participation costs were provided by our Madison Rotary Foundation: Anna Bauer from Memorial High School; Eduardo Castillo from La Follette High School; Manolo Delgado from Shabazz City High School; Megahn Mayfield from East High School; Gregory Zentmyer from Edgewood High School; and Kynda Zidani from West High School.


DSC_0002  DSC_0021

Six students received $1,100 Outstanding Senior Awards for academic achievement, leadership and community service: Willa Adams Brenneis from La Follette High School; Seth Goldstein from East High School; Isabel Olsen-Valdez from Shabazz City High School; Ameya Sanyal from Memorial High School; Tyler Sato from West High School; and Alex Thomas from Edgewood High School.

Congratulations to each of these students, and we wish them well in all their future endeavors!

Our thanks to Youth Awards Committee Chair Joyce Bromley and the following program presenters: Dave Billing, Dave Ewanowski, Sandy Gehler, Marci Henderson, Donna Hurd, Melanie Ramey, Becky Steinhoff and Scott Strong.  We also thank past RYLA recipient James Neusen from his remarks about his experience at the camp in 2015.  We thank John Bonsett-Veal for serving as photographer. And we thank the Park Hotel for providing complimentary assorted desserts for the Youth Awards reception.         

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