Is Madison Prepared for the Coronavirus and Its Effects?

submitted by Valerie Renk

Eithun BenRotarians heard online April 8 from Benjamin Eithun how Madison is part of several networks to plan for medical emergencies. Eithun is Director of Pediatric Trauma, Surgery, Injury Prevention and Child Protection at American Family Children’s Hospital.

In 2014, Wisconsin formed seven Healthcare Emergency Readiness Coalitions (HERCs), which were based on seven Regional Trauma Advisory Councils.  The councils are made of up EMS, trauma hospitals, public health agencies, government emergency management agencies, businesses and other related partners.

“With the coalitions and the councils, we can better coordinate, communicate and be ready,” Eithun said. “We may be competitors, but we all have the goal to serve patients in need.”

Examples of coordination include sharing where there are needs for more beds, working together to make emergency plans, and coordinating needs in the area, region or statewide.  There are two communications vehicles, EMresources (web based) and WISCOM (VHF Radio) used for urgent sharing of needs.

Eithun has a MSN and a BSN from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS from UW-LaCrosse.  Prior to coming to the UW, he was a pediatric critical care nurse practitioner in the PICU at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

If you missed our meeting this week, you can watch it here.  

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