“Our Rotary Club Is A Special Place, and It’s a Special Bond We Share”

Hidalgo_JorgeThere are many ways to describe our Rotary Club. We are a Center of Influence, where people who care about our community come together to shape its future. We are a Conduit for Change, since we contribute our time and resources by volunteering; give generous grants that help those in need; and provide scholarships to send our best and brightest to college. We are a Professional Hub, where we can network and make important connections. Just as importantly, our Club is a Meeting Place where we make new friends and catch up with old ones; we have fun together; and we brighten each other’s day.

We come from so many different backgrounds; we represent so many professions; we have different religious and political beliefs; but we respect each other, and we’re good at discovering our common ground. Our Rotary Club is special. We’ve stayed together during the most unusual circumstances of our lifetime—a worldwide pandemic—and now, thanks to two vaccines and another in the works, we can finally (finally!) see the end.

Multiple Rotarians

The last stretch of a long wait is always the hardest; we’re anxious for it to be over: And our virtual meetings will come to an end sometime in 2021, most likely gradually, and always following CDC guidelines. We’ll get to see each other in person, shake hands, give old friends a hug. We’ll complain about things; we’ll argue; we’ll laugh; and we’ll love being in each other’s presence again.

Our Rotary Club is a special place; it’s a special bond we share. This period has made us realize just how special it really is, and let’s keep this feeling of eagerness and anticipation alive so we can hit the ground running when we get together again.

–2020-21 Club President Jorge Hidalgo

One response to ““Our Rotary Club Is A Special Place, and It’s a Special Bond We Share”

  1. A beautiful sentiment and wonderfully said. Thank you Jorge.

    I really look forward to seeing everyone and walking into our meeting room again. Our Club is indeed a special place.

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