March 9: Posters in the Rotunda – A Celebration of Undergraduate Research

–submitted by Larry Larrabee

The program on March 9, 2022, was provided by Arjun Sanga, President of WiSys, a not-for-profit organization that supports undergraduate research at Wisconsin’s 12 regional universities.  Mr. Sanga explained his organization’s four areas of concentration; to connect student researchers to grants, help market their research ideas, inspire students to achieve and to foster a culture of innovation.

He provided examples of recent student research projects such as one that worked to develop sensors for early warning of landslides.  Students also compete with others at their schools and between schools in the system with regard to the quality and importance of their specific projects.

If you missed our meeting this week, you can watch it here:

One response to “March 9: Posters in the Rotunda – A Celebration of Undergraduate Research

  1. I went to the Capital rotunda after the meeting and was blown away by the quality of the various research projects and the quality and dedication of the college researchers. They were dedicated, passionate and very commnicative. There was a wide variety of social, political and scientific projects on display. Don’t miss it next year.

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