March 30: All Things Rotary – Local Rotary Clubs’ International Projects

This week’s program featured 3 international projects.  Our club’s International Committee Chair Gary Tree started the program by providing background information on the committee.  Next up, Tammy Thayer, a member of our International Committee, described plans for our International Committee’s new signature project which is a prevention program to help tackle child trafficking in Uganda. The project partners include our club, Rotary Action Group Against Slavery (RAGAS), other international Rotary Clubs, and Hope for Justice (HFJ).   Kathy Roberg from Madison West Towne-Middleton Rotary Club shared information about their club’s project in Haiti and several others that their club supports.  Kevin Frost from Madison Breakfast Rotary shared details about their club sponsored project in Guatemala.

If you missed our meeting this week, you can watch it here:

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