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Madison Rotary Mentor-Scholar Picnic

In recent years our Rotary Scholarship Program, led by Ellie Schatz, has taken on new dimensions. Already a program that touched 80 young people a year with college financial support that helped them to achieve their education and career dreams, a mentoring component added social and emotional support to the equation. Many of our college scholars have experienced tragedy, abuse, or hurdles in their short lives that are beyond what we can imagine. Many are first generation college students. All have dreams for the future that include completion of their college degrees. All, we hope, will graduate from college. In order to help achieve these successes, more than 50 members of our club volunteer time with scholars each year as their one-to-one mentors.

On July 17, more than 60 scholars, mentors and guests attended the 6th annual picnic of the mentor-scholar group, hosted this year by Nate Brand and Regina Millner. The event epitomizes the club’s strategic goals of service and fellowship. Mentors give service above self by being there for their scholars over the entire time they are undergraduates. Our statistics show that our scholars graduate not only because of the financial support and their personal dreams and determination, but because a professional liaison has answered their questions, put them in touch with resources, helped them through difficult situations, or just been there for them over time. The picnic brings together rising freshmen through recent graduates as well as their adult mentors from all fields. As one mentor mentioned after this year’s picnic, “there wasn’t a wallflower in the group.” Everyone was interacting, everyone was having fun, and as another mentor mentioned, “the food was great.” Thank you to everyone involved in this fellowship and service experience.

Vocational Fellowship Luncheon – Madison College

Downtown Madison Rotary thanks Madison College for sponsoring a Vocational Fellowship Luncheon on July 6.  Thanks, too, to hosts Bob Dinndorf, Bettsey Barhorst and. Roger Price.

Vocational Fellowship Luncheon – The Bruce Company

Madison Rotary thanks The Bruce Company and Bob Winding for hosting a Vocational Fellowship Luncheon.

The Bruce Company welcomes Downtown Madison Rotary

Rotarians enjoying Bruce Company hospitality.

The Rotary Roundtable

Greetings.  I hope you had a relaxing and fun holiday weekend.

We’re trying something different with the President’s blog this year.  It’s been renamed the “Rotary Roundtable.”  Similar to the rotation format Paul Harris started in 1905, various people will contribute.  Rick Kiley, Chair of the Social Media Committee, will pen the August post.

Rotary Roundtable blog posts will aim to get people excited about what we’re doing in our club (past events or promoting future ones), create a dialogue, and share something personal so members get to know each other better.  I’ve set a goal of two posts per month.  To start, Committee and Fellowship group chairs are invited to reserve a spot to write a post by emailing the office.

Members Lynn Phelps and Mark Moody volunteering at Wheels for Winners

What do you think? Please share your comments on the Rotary Roundtable idea below.

The engineer in me wants to summarize plans for the upcoming year, right here and now.  But that can wait.  Instead, a few sentences on why the club and Rotary are special to me –

Lew Harned

  • Because members are genuinely friendly and interested in each other – friendships abound.
  • Our club does a ton of good.
  • Because new and old members alike go to board meetings and are served dinner by a One Star General and other Madison leaders whose main concern is if you have enough butter.
  • My point of view is expanded by the club’s interesting and informative programs.

Puppy Time. On a family note, we’re adding to ours July 14 when we bring home an 8-week old Labradoodle puppy, “Sasha.”  The picture shows our friend Charlie with his puppy Boris, our daughter Danika, and our son Max with Sasha.  We’re excited although it’s not lost on me that things could get messy.

Wrap-up. Thank you for your commitment to our local and global community through Rotary.  Throughout the year please let me know how I may assist.  Send easy questions to me and hard ones to President-elect Wes Sparkman.

Here’s to a productive year – getting it done, having fun.

In service, Paul