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Rotaract or I can still pass as an undergraduate

Dear fellow Rotarians,

I have discovered the blog format and me are not natural friends.  So I will work at posts that suit me and are more frequent. I’m generally more “on to the next thing” than writing you a reflective post of some kind.

However, tonight I was invited to the UW-Madison kick off Rotaract meeting.  Present from the club were Dan Larson, Mary Rouse, Maggie Peterman, Rob Stroud, and Tom Popp — and a full house of undergrads!

My job was to tell them about our club and Rotary.  Which I did.

What was really cool, to use my out-dated undergrad parlance, was that I sat in between two freshman.  One’s mom is a Rotarian and she went to Brazil as a RYE student. The other knew about Rotary from Interact in high school.  Both found out about the meeting at the student organization fair and came to the meeting without knowing anyone.  They both live in the southeast dorms.

I was just very impressed that so many students turned out to learn about Rotaract and that the leadership of the club was very well organized, ran a good meeting, served my favorite Ian’s pizza and did a great job of stressing the mix of Rotary values we all love — fellowship, service, food. . . there was a real emphasis on international and multicultural interests which is a good lesson for the rest of us.

We could eat more pizza and they could consider singing.

Also in the understatement of the year department, I asked those from our club what else to add on international and Tom Popp in one sentence said something like “I just returned from a trip to Malawi.”  We need to hear more about Tom’s trip but that’s another subject.

Tonight was just extremely encouraging and fun and a great reminder that we should all take advantage of getting to know our Rotaract colleagues.  And thanks to our fellow Rotarians for their help and mentoring of our two clubs.

I CAN sing, I just can’t sing well

Recently, someone close to me, who plays the guitar, harmonica and sings for a living, described me using the phrase “can’t sing.”  I corrected him:  “I CAN sing, I just can’t sing well.”

We can all sing, and I’ve never thought my one-note range should stop me.

Singing at Rotary probably belongs in the same category as God and politics, which is what makes for a good blog post, so here I go. . .

Wednesday, we sang “Daisy,” which is not its real name I learned.  My grandma sang this to me and with me, and I remember it as among the top three songs we sang together over and over (the other two were “Houpy, Houpy, Houpy” in Bohemian and “You Are My Sunshine,” which we also sang recently).

I really enjoy our singing when we sing songs familiar to me and within the stretch of my one-note range.  I also enjoy songs involving Brad Hutter wearing a wig or Dick Lovell rushing in at the last moment with props in hand. I honestly thought for a second Dick rode his bike and stopped to pick daisies until the theme dawned on me.

Our singing is at its best when we are having fun and participating and that seems to arise from the Music Committee selecting songs many of us know and have a chance of singing along with.  Terry Anderson and Co. are certainly starting off the year with songs that fit that description, and I’d like to compliment them on their song choices and enthusiasm for not just leading us in song but entertaining us too (and helping us entertain ourselves).

There is another aspect to singing which is its unifying quality. I will never forget seeing Stu Levitan and Fred Mohs both singing “Blowin’ in the Wind” one day at the Alliant Center when David Maraniss was our speaker.

Singing is in the same category as weekly attendance:  People ask “Really?!” and I say “Yes, trust me.”

Just as long as I don’t stand too close to the microphone.

p.s Rick Kiley provided the image of the menu to accompany his comment: check it out!