Rotary Bird Hunting Fellowship Group and Visiting Rotarians Enjoy Milford Hills Outing November 8

From left: Gene Kroupa, Brent Lindell, Craig Stanley, Dewey Bredeson and Brian Donley

On November 8, six Rotary members and two visiting Rotarians of the canine variety traveled to Milford Hills near Johnson Creek for an afternoon pheasant hunt.  It was a beautiful, sunny day for the first outing of the Rotary Bird Hunting Fellowship’s 2012 season.

After lunch in the clubhouse, your Rotarians broke into two groups of three hunters, each led by a “visiting Rotarian.”  Craig Stanley’s fine pointing dog Coach led one group.  My black lab Angus led the other.

The Rotary motto, of course, is “Service above Self.”  On this day, no one better demonstrated that philosophy more than Coach and Angus.  They hunted with enthusiasm and skill, accepting a “that-a-boy,” a pat on the head and a biscuit as a reward for their efforts.

While your Rotarians enjoyed success in the field, the satisfaction of good hunting experience does not come from the result alone, but rather from the camaraderie of a good group of hunting partners.  On this particular day, we enjoyed the camaraderie of a good group of Rotarians sharing hunting experiences and stories. That will certainly bring us together again later this season for additional outings.

This is our second year, and the membership is now 20 strong. Outings are usually planned for Thursday afternoons at a game farm in the area.  New members are always welcome.  Come join us by notifying the office of your interest.
—submitted by Greg Paradise, Bird Hunting Fellowship Chair

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