Rotary Hikers at Natural Bridge State Park on July 20


They began at the base of Wisconsin’s largest natural bridge, the anthropological site of the oldest residents of the Midwest, some 12,000 years ago. Our Rotary hikers meandered up and down the steep hills of deep forests, passing a high overlook, across a meadow–then finished in a field with sweet corn towering above their heads!  A wonderful display of nature’s beauty and great fellowship.  Following the hike, they shared a picnic lunch in Sauk City  at August Derleth Park.  Pictured in the photo from left are:  Dean Nelson, Jackson Fonder, Ted DeDee, Gail DeDee, Jeff Bartell, Leigh Richardson, Suzanne Qualia and Angela Bartell.  Our thanks to Suzanne Qualia for this photo and to Leigh Richardson for organizing this event.

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