Downtown Rotary Goes “Uptown” for Wine Tasting in California

–submitted by Lori Kay on August 22, 2013


Bringing fellowship to a new level, Rotarians from the Wine Fellowship Group traveled to San Francisco and Napa Valley for a three day wine tasting visit on August 21-24.  Will Lew Harned and the Whisky Group be far behind?

Building on the special trip, wedding anniversaries number 51 and 49 respectively are being celebrated by Dick and Noel Pearson and Lori and Arlan Kay as part of the trip.

Arlan & Lori Kay

Arlan & Lori Kay

Mike & Patty Wilson

Mike & Patty Wilson

Reports from those on the trip say that planner Steve Mixtacki has organized educational tours ranging from castle-building to climate change; ask anyone attending!  These include:  Steve and Meryl Mixtacki, Mike and Patty Wilson, Ann and Liz Cardinale, Lori and Arlan Kay, Mike and Mandy McKay, and Dick and Noel Pearson.

Other bits of info and advice came from our tour vehicle driver who was formerly the mayor of St. Helena for three terms (new opportunity for Mayor Soglin, perhaps?) as well as technical wine tasting data of unknown importance.

–submitted by Lori Kay on August 24, 2013
“I’d Never Guess That to be a Zinfandel!”
“That’s Because It’s Not!”

In case you didn’t realize it, wine lovers are also usually foodies and once again, Steve Mixtacki led the way to great meals in addition to the multiple wine tastings.  Lunches consisted of made-to-order sandwiches at roadside delis while our two dinner events included eating at the Culinary Institute of America and then at a popular place named the Farmstead.  All in all, some memorable tasting, eating, visiting and learning more about our fellow Rotarians and their families were included on this journey.

DSC_0127_1443   Napa Valley August 2013 002   Napa Valley August 2013 004

I must add another comment or two, however, re: the “main tasting events.”  No two were alike, whether large or small, specializing in red or white wine  or a corporate versus small family enterprise.  The award for the most eccentric winery (yes, we must be in California!) goes to Quixote, where the wine was exceeded only by the pop art and architecture–Alice and the white rabbit also come to mind!

Well, it’s about time to pack up wine purchases and head for the airport.  This fellowship “meeting” will be remembered by those who were there for a truly long time. And, oh yes, be sure to ask Steve when you see him about his lost luggage story!  And add to our thanks for the super-duper fellowship experience he and Mike Wilson planned so well!


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