Motorcycle Fellowship Group Trip to Anamosa, Iowa

–submitted by John Bonsett-Veal

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(Click here for the full 30-minute video posted on YouTube.)

On August 17 and 18, the Rotary Motorcycle Fellowship Group went on a two day, three state ride.  We started at The Pancake Café in Fitchburg for breakfast and coffee.  There were twelve of us (Jeff & Angela Bartell, John Bonsett-Veal, Dave Billing, Dave Boyer, Peggy Lescrenier, Peter Cavi & Amy Conover, Tom Solheim, Uriah Carpenter, Todd Weis and Jan Bonsett-Veal) on ten motorcycles and one “chase vehicle” driven by my wife, Jan.


We traveled over beautiful driftless region roads in southwest Wisconsin on our way to lunch at Zio Johno’s in Anamosa, Iowa, the home of the National Motorcycle Museum, which was amazing.  

DSC_0021  DSC_0060  DSC_0020

After more riding, we wound up at the Super8, in Savanna, Illinois.  That night, we all went out for a great meal to a “Motorcycle Enthusiast Bar” (Biker Bar) called Poopys.  

On Sunday, we stopped at Galena, Illinois, for a breakfast/brunch buffet at a restaurant in one of the local hotels in downtown Galena, after which we stopped at Hauge Log Church for sightseeing, a photo session, saying good-byes and thanking the organizers, Dave Billing and Dave Boyer.  Dave and Dave did a great job, and we had a wonderful time!



One response to “Motorcycle Fellowship Group Trip to Anamosa, Iowa

  1. Wow…. 12 on an overnighter! What a blast. Next up – a bicycle fellowship group overnighter?

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