Michelle Ma Belle — New Fellowship Groups for 2017-18?

–submitted by Carol Toussaint; photos by Mike Engelberger


Michelle McGrath & Donna Hurd

There are many good stories about “roasting” the outgoing President, but only a few that can be printed in a family newsletter.  Over the years it has been an assignment given to the New Member Class and is always the program for the last day of the Rotary year.  Each past president who lives to tell the tale looks forward with relief that today is not the day they will be roasted.   The performance this year proved that the 2016-17 group was up to the challenge and that President Michelle McGrath was a cheerful and engaging target.

This was a truly participatory event.  Rotarians in the audience were given an opportunity to raise hands or stand in response to questions from co-chair Casey Oelkers or committee member Eric Salisbury.

How many of you have had your own name  ”creatively interpreted” from the podium or had a friend ask after lunch if Michelle had meant a comment to be about you “because she didn’t say your name right”?  This is what prompted the creation of what will be called the Pronuncilation Fellowship.

How many of you might join the Inspiring Moments Fellowship which was inspired by the many inspiring quotes Michelle included in comments from the podium.  It was noted that many came from a country song by Rascall Flatts or Luke Bryan whom we later met in The Dating Game portion of the program.

HO7A4387How many of you stood up because you were wearing cowboy boots?  The story is that Michelle has 9 pair of cowboy boots and in her honor the SK Fellowship has been organized.  Eric (what a great hat!) Salisbury gave the full name of Fellowship group but as was mentioned earlier, this is a family newsletter so you’ll have to ask him privately for that information.

There was even a show of hands by anyone single (as in not currently married) which prompted the recommendation of a Dating Fellowship.   The audience was then treated to an episode from The Dating Game in which bachelors were #1: J.J. Watt, #2: Luke Bryan, and #3: (guy they found in the parking lot). Michelle’s choice was #3 who is believed to be Paul Bova, Michelle’s real live boyfriend, as he was thanked for joining the group on stage.

HO7A4392  HO7A4398  HO7A4407

Using the latest technology, members were invited to vote by telephone keypad which reportedly showed a tie-vote which means that we have just voted in a new Fellowship – The Michelle McGrath Fan Fellowship!   It was declared that the Fellowship would meet weekly next to the Breakfast Table.

Michelle received gifts from the 2016-17 New Members, and they received the enthusiastic appreciation of the entire audience for presenting a clever and fitting tribute to our leader, Michelle McGrath.


LaBelle Terimaat, Sarah Bova, Jake Bova, Fletcher McGrath, Michelle McGrath, Grace McGrath, Paul Bova & Jim Terimaat

Our thanks to this year’s Roast Committee for doing such a fabulous job and to Carol Toussaint for preparing this review article.

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